Saturday, October 03, 2015

#Elxn42: Mr. Harper's Saudi Arabian Problem May Involve More Than Just Arms Sales.


First, the following, from Neil Macdonald's CBC report on Thursday's french language debate:

...Gilles Duceppe, who has suddenly taken a great interest in anything pertaining to radical Islam, kicked things off during the French-language leaders' debate last Thursday.

"As we combat ISIS," he asked Stephen Harper, "We must realize that its ideology was financed and promoted by Saudi Arabia, and we are sending billions worth of arms to Saudi Arabia.

"Would it not be sensible to say that's enough, we're stopping arms sales to Saudi Arabia? Wouldn't that be logical, given our fight with ISIS?"

Harper, a man who has portrayed his government's foreign policy as more principled and less susceptible to the power of the almighty dollar than other governments, basically replied that there's a lot of money at stake and thousands of jobs in London, Ont.

The contract to export $15 billion worth of armoured vehicles to the Saudis, he noted, is the largest in Canadian history.

Cancelling it would only punish Canadian workers, he said, and besides, the contract is "support for an ally."...

Next, there's this, from the land of Mr. Harper's 'ally':

Ali Mohammed al-Nimr was, by all accounts, a regular 17-year-old boy who loved cars and hanging out with his friends when he was sentenced to death simply for protesting against Saudi Arabia's government.

Any day now, he will be publicly beheaded and his body will be crucified and left to fester out in the open for three days despite worldwide condemnation...


I was going to write something satirical about how the minions toiling away down in the flaming hot bowels of the CPC bunker probably won't be using video footage of the latter to reinforce the importance of the former in some kind of 'Anti-Terror Uber-Alles!'  advertising bonanza for the last week of the campaign.


The hypocrisy here is just too great.

And my disgust at what said minions and their boss are doing to this country is even greater.

So I won't.




Don F. said...

Hypocrisy is at an all time level with this government.
In his own words Harper is telling Duceppe that Canadian companies must act as prostitutes and that he Stephen Harper will broker for them as a master pimp. Honor and respect for life have no place in his way of doing business. Nothing shall get in the way of making a dollar, not right nor wrong! He couldn't have been any clearer on this in his reply.
There is a price we pay that no amount of money can replace and that is the price of our dignity.
Repulsed is my immediate feeling in response to him.

RossK said...


It really does makes one wonder what Mr. Harper would say if a certain region of the country were to turn its former tobacco fields into vast lawns of poppies and start exporting extracts of the immature seeds for, well, you know...


West End Bob said...

Speaking of Saudi Arabia, did you catch the video on The Real News today, RossK?

Good stuff . . . .

RossK said...




Lew said...

“Support for an ally.”

The ally is General Dynamics. The customer is Saudi Arabia or anyone else with money, regardless of any other conceivable consideration.

RossK said...



If you are not an 'ally' it would appear that you are very likely an 'enemy'.

And a place where black is white unless it is the opposite in twenty minutes (see: Putin, V, for example) would seem to be the type of country Mr. Harper is turning Canada into.