Wednesday, October 14, 2015

This Afternoon In Clarkland: 'Sparkle Ponies Like Me!...They Really, Really Like Me!'


Premier Clark and friends are apparently drinking their own bathwater at some sort of in-house LNG conference in downtown Lotusland today.

The (nolongerso)Giant '98's Laura Baziuk has this report:

The BC government is hosting its third international Liquefied Natural Gas conference on Wednesday in downtown Vancouver, but there is still no word on a start date for operations.

Premier Christy Clark is talking up B.C.’s foray into the LNG market.

If it goes to plan, it will return $9 billion in the first 10 years.

Clark says foreign investors see a profit to be made here.

“I look at it and I see a way to create thousands of good jobs for the people here, I see a way to create the revenue that we need to support the social programs, hospitals and schools.”...

No word yet on how much the 'conference' is costing you and me who are increasingly being asked to pay more than our fair share for social programs, hospitals and schools so that Ms. Clark and company can give away all our natural resources for (often less than) free.

And, yes...The header just might be making you think of....This.



Anonymous said...

CC hasn't seen this...

Bechtel Group President and COO Brendan Bechtel
discusses the prices of commodities. 5'14"

The gas value chain is under pressure. There are 80 to 100 liquefaction projects proposed around the world. Clearly not all those are going to grow up to become real projects. - October 13, 2015

Anonymous said...

tfw jobs?

RossK said...


CC doesn't need to look at reality....Everything's coming up Sparkle Ponies and Marmalade Skies.



Don't be silly. Our fine premier has said that won't happen.

So it won't.

Until it does.



It will be Horgan's fault according to Mike Smyth.

Or some such thing.


Anonymous said...

The Premier & her Liberal government keep changing the song on LNG. First it was "trillions" and hundreds of thousands of jobs.
Then the song failed to make the top 10 in a recent budget.
Now Christy is singing how LNG will help pay for hospitals & schools.
The song keeps changing lyrics in an attempt to keep listeners tuned in..... but in reality taxpayers are tuning out as the record keeps skipping and listeners are fed up.

Guy in Victoria

RossK said...


Pretty soon it will barely be able to cover the cost of a couple of Bogus Bollywood Bonanzas and Yoga On A Confounded Bridge...

If that.


Anonymous said...

TOIFA -none before, none after .Only BC?

RossK said...


Only BC....

...Gullible enough?

(with a Lotuslandian proMedia assist, of course)