Sunday, October 18, 2015

#Elxn42...What Was That Crazy Globe Editorial Really About Anyway?


Nik Nanos is BellGlobeCTVTSNEverythingElseButRogersMedia's numbers guy.

And his rolling polls have had Trudeau ahead, with Harper in solid second, for awhile now.

And, bingo-bango-Tulowitzki's-one-armed-banjo, suddenly the Globe has an editorial calling for Canadians to vote against their own best interests, not for a Stephen Harper, but instead for a Stephen Harper-free Conservative Party of Canada.


Why would the braintrust at EverythingElseButRogers media go and do a thing like that?


All kinds of very smart, serious people (i.e. folks who work for non-EverythingBut media outlets) seem to think that something has come completely unhinged in Globe editor David Walmsley's office.

Me, I'm not so sure.

Instead, I think Mr. Walmsley and his compatriots may have been acting like a pack of crazy old uncles after they stared at the chessboard, and the Nanos numbers, for sixteen hours straight while wired on Wild Turkey and Tater-Tots looking for a way to avoid what they consider the REAL potential disaster that could arrive as early as Tuesday.

Which, of course, would be a minority-positioned Mr. Trudeau making good on his promise not to work with the Conservatives and instead make a deal with the Dutch Elm Disease-hating devil.


What if the guy that Mr. Trudeau said he would never form a coalition with with were suddenly not running the Conservative ship?

Well, then, if that were the case maybe Mr. Walmsley & Co would be happy to say hello to..

The new (and improved) Foreign Minister Jason Kenney!

If you get my drift.

Update: It looks like the Ottawa Citizen's resident Sushi Boy, Glen McGregor, is wearing a similar Sunday Hypothesis Hat while hiding behind his paper's ugly yellow front page....



Anonymous said...

Kenney? Please flush the toilet again. UGH!

RossK said...


All I'm saying is that it seems like what the RoC elites might really be doing is pushing for a way for JT to form a government with a very fine gaggle of Harperless Cons...


Boris said...

Well, that would be interesting. If it occurred, I wonder how my card carrying fanatically Grit, fanatically anti-Con friends would respond. And whether some newly minted 'I didn't sign up for this crap' MPs would flee to the NDP. But seriously, having seen how they act, would any competent party seriously consider attempting to work with the Tories? Would the crazies in the Tories cooperate with a Trudeau-branded Liberal government? I fully expect that outgoing Tory exMPs will trash their offices.