Saturday, November 12, 2016

An Important Question The ProMedia Has Not Asked Ms. Clark About BCED.


In the face of our fine premier's propaganda blitz post-Supreme Court decision, Dipper MLA Claire Trevena asks an important question on the Twittmachine*:


My question in response to Ms. Trevena's excellent question is the following....

Why didn't Rob Shaw ask this very question of Ms. Clark during the Vancouver Sun's 'interview' with her on Friday?


Why didn't Simon Little of CKNW also ask this question?


Why didn't Jennifer Zielinski of also ask this question?


Why didn't any of them ask this logical follow-up question?

*Presumably, Ms. Trevena used the Twittmachine to ask her question because she will not be able to do so in the actual...You know....Legislature.



Bill said...

1964 Marshal McLuhan... "the medium is the message".
Ross K's Way Back Machine and here and now... 'the MS media is the massage'.

With her latest history rewrite pronouncement, is Crooked Christy oblivious, or simply spinning another Hail Mary 'pants on fire' at us again?
In reality she is now only fooling herself.

Thanks for the exposition Ross!

Unknown said...

Anybody else find anything wrong with this Christy Clark quote:

We need to stop driving those decisions based on mathematical formulas and contractual provisions that are negotiated at a bargaining table,” she said after passing the controversial legislation.

Isn't this the purpose of bargaining? To reach a mutually acceptable collective agreement?

Little wonder she flunked out at SFU

RossK said...


I think it is both more and less than that which you suggest.

Specifically, all she was attempting to do was spike the 72 hour long newscycle that is the long weekend hoping it will, essentially, no longer be discussed come Monday.



I might wonder even less than you if I actually believed those words were actually Ms. Clark's.


e.a.f. said...

Of course Christy, photo op queen, thinks its good to put money into the education system and she has been, its just that its the private school system that its been going into. People need to be really, really specific with this woman.

Now as to "negotiating" with the teachers, you bet she will. Those negotiations will be used to set up the teachers for a strike or some event which will not endear them to the public right before the election next year.
She was way to fast off the mark after the decision, saying of course they'd negotiate. She has no intention of putting more money into the PUBLIC EDUCATION SYSTEM. More money will go into the private system, but if parents and teachers are waiting for more teacher assistance, more classes, get a grip Its not happening. If the B.C. LIEBERALS actually cared about B.C. children in the public education system money would have been put into the system instead of taking it out and having forced school boards to close schools and sell off the property to developers. Not much will change with the public education in B.C. unless the B.C.Lieberals are tossed from office.

RossK said...


That is a very good point.

After all, except for 2001 I believe that this 'wedge issue' has been wurlitzerd by the BCL wizardry every single election since then.

In fact, given the archives 'round here, I feel a post coming on on just that very point.

Thanks for the idea!


Anonymous said...

OMG theyre privitizing everything!

e.a.f. said...

some one with a very long memory in the back room may remember the role some teachers played back in the day when WAC lost the election to Barrett. During the election some teachers, in pairs, knocked on doors, of people in communities. I believe one was Delta. They were clear they weren't there on behalf of any party, just to tell the parents what was happening in the education system.

Of course there were many reasons WAC lost, but teachers did play a role, as I recollect. Interestingly enough it wasn't a main street news article at the time, if memory is correct, it might have been in Jack Wasserman's column. Yes, I'm that old, o.k I learnt to read at an early age and he had the most interesting articles next to the comics in the Vancouver Sun.

The teachers Union is, in my opinion, the last Union which is a real thorn in the side of the B.C. Lieberals. The only way to get rid of them is the method currently being used, private schools.

el gordo got rid of one of his problems, the HEU by firing 9K of their members. We don't hear much from them any more. The work was contracted out and the wages get lower and lower each year. when el gordo fired these workers, it was the largest mass firing of women in Canadian history.

The way forward for people like the B.C. LIEBERALS is to get rid of the opposition, and they've done a great job. Of course, in my opinion the NDP has helped that along by putting distance between themselves and the labour unions They seem to forget that back in the day it was union reps/business agents who frequently staffed the candidates offices and ran either campaigns. they came with a skill set. when you think about it, those skill sets are still out there, they may be out of labour, they may have retired, but has the NDP even thought about using them. Of course not, they're too busy trying to be mainstream and environmental. Now don't get me wrong, I'm an environmentalist. Its just that most people are still worried about making enough money to feed and cloth themselves and their families.

Willy said...

A reward for a loyal lapdog.....

Anonymous said...

An opportunity to invest in lawyers?

Unknown said...

@ Mark Mounce
You hit the nail on the head.
Let's hope she doesn't have a hard hat on or ear plugs in he ears or a short circuit to her brain.

Anonymous said...

The BC Liberal party should be billed "all" legal costs and the payout of $2 million dollars. This was a partisan political battle of ideology, not a taxpayer fight.

When are we as citizens going to wake up and educate the masses about the manipulation of our democratic system, that is essentially organized crime?

From school closures that enrich developers, to the gross manipulation of justice in the Basi Virk, BC rail scandal the benefited a "criminal" elite within a government, the swapping of judges at a moments notice, and a payout to guilty parties, the list of malfeasance and criminal "behavior" goes on and on with this group of con artists.

Politics? Sorry, its organized crime within a democratic institution. The courts are complicate, policing a joke and how does the tax payer get any for of justice?

In any other jurisdiction in the world the tanks would roll and arrests be made.

We are either very stupid, or totally oblivious to the criminals within our midst....

Anonymous said...

BC external energy contracts(IPP/ROR) are a a rip-off at the expense of taxpayers/ratepayers.Cha-ching?