Monday, November 28, 2016

Bernie Sanders Is Very Worried That Republicans Unleashed Will Make U.S. Campaign Fundraising Just As Bad As...

...British Columbia.

I'll be back with more on why the BCNDP cannot unilaterally disarm on fundraising, with a Sanderseque-like theme and everything...Later.



Anonymous said...

more money for election year ads? oh wait they use taxpayer dollars to do that also ?.
also used to placate debt laden media?

Anonymous said...


May Trump be a brief and dark footnote in history (and a portent to British Columbians).

I am hoping for small miracles…

Posted on Quora:

[Q] Will Jill Stein gain more respect from Hillary Clinton supporters since she is the reason for the Wisconsin recount?

[A] Bob Osenenko, Author,Retired Psychiatric Evaluator,Contributor Academia Edu

Written 2m ago
I would absolutely not assume that Dr. Stein is in league with the D's just because she challenges Trump. In fact, I would look the other direction at what constituency among the R's think they might benefit by polarizing Trump and his supporters from the rest of the R Party. This recount is about two things. First, Americans benefit from a challenge which will minimize the perception of Russian influence i.e. that they disturbed the vote count by offering a factual view of voter behavior. Second, it erodes the Trump headline that he performed a landslide miracle, and any effort to write that into history without the footnote "by the way there was a recount". Despite opinion to the contrary, I would not be hasty in believing the Reagan era of R idolatry is over because the more Trump is beaten up by his own party Reagan's afterlife and return looks promising. Truly conservative R's and Reagan D's both seem to benefit far more than Dr. Stein although she clearly is doing a service to clear the air.