Wednesday, November 02, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Will We Know Who Fired The Healthcare Researchers Before The Election?



If you go by what the Ombudsperson had to say yesterday you might be a little worried about that.

From Rob Shaw's VSun piece:

B.C.’s ombudsperson says he’s facing delays in his investigation of the firing of government health researchers, and he may release his final report just before the 2017 provincial election.

Jay Chalke told an all-party committee of MLAs Tuesday that he now expects to complete his work in February or March. The election is set for May 9...

And why, oh why will this take so long?

Turns out that suddenly a magical reverse triple-delete pony with sparkly wings has miraculously appeared:

...Chalke told MLAs one of the reasons for the delay was that he has received four million records, instead of 200,000 that the government had initially estimated it would provide his office...

I would say something snarky here if lives and careers hadn't been ruined by the governments words, deeds and actions on this one.

Interestingly, one of the 'angles' in Mr. Shaw's piece was that this might actually lead to a pre-election Comey if Mr. Chalke's report were to be released just before May 9th, 2017....I'm betting it will instead be a post-election Fitzmas unless, of course, what Mr. Chalke has to say can be spun positively by the Clarklandian wizardry.



Old Socred said...

These liers and for lack of a better description, assholes, have to be turfed in the next election. This has to happen to because we have a dictator that is so ruthless she will try to win at any cost. She will get into bed with any wealthy bussness man or corporation leader, and I thought prostitution was illeagal.

Anonymous said...

The dictator is just a figure head. Pure and simple. The manipulators and those in the backroom, the money handlers and donors or the real problem here. I don't believe she has the intelligence to put most of the ongoing political manipulations together. There is a far deeper "problem" here. Manipulation of a so called democratic government, by individuals or organized criminal entities should be a federal crime. If indeed "organized crime" of "any" kind is the manipulator behind this current governance, why has it been permitted to continue? Are there no checks and balances within our democracy, to prevent this? It would seem they can manipulate democratic bodies at will, as seen with the VSB board. A duly elected public body removed. Hmm, sounds fishy to me.

North Van's Grumps said...

crowdfunding to bankroll whistle blowers with pertinent information that is being delayed, intentionally, by the government who give the excuses that there is an forthcoming election.

Whats good for the goose is good for the gander said...

The Vancouver school board was fired by the provicial government even though they were elected by the people of Vancouver. Does this mean if the federal government does not agree with what a provicial government does that they can fire them. After all a prescedents has been set. This would only stand to reason. I could learn to like that.

J MacDuuf said...

I think someone in the PAB was watching American TV last Friday. These dolts could not come up with this shit off the top of their heads.
Now he tells us that "Yea, I was involved with the firings, but I guess I kinda forgot'.
This is another stall tactic by the Liberals. Shallow, despicable, mean spirited and totally see through.
Well, I guess Keith, Christy's toilet paper, will be called in by Global (PAB) to explain it all away.

Lew said...

Notwithstanding the fact the concept of ministerial accountability predates the BC Liberals reign in this province, Christy Clark should have resigned long ago over this insult.

It seems inconceivable that a sitting premier wouldn’t have been briefed in advance and in detail about the justification and potential fallout surrounding the pending and unprecedented mass firing of eight drug researchers. Yet she claims ignorance and is unable to inform us regarding the circumstances. Heads should therefore have rolled. The fact that none have is very revealing, as is the additional insult she has constructed in the form of the Chalke investigation. Here’s what should have happened immediately when this blew up.

If it was a surprise to her and she hadn’t been briefed in detail and in advance of the firings, she should have fired her deputy minister, who as head of the Public Service Agency had to be intimately involved. If she had been briefed, she should have appropriately informed the public.

If her deputy couldn’t or wouldn’t inform her, she should have then called in Mike de Jong and his deputy minister Whitmarsh and asked what happened, why it happened, and who was involved. If they provided that information, she should have informed the public appropriately. If they didn’t have the information, they should have both been fired.

But the public was not informed, and the three individuals above were not fired for their roles. Only one person bears responsibility for that. Christy Clark.

The government has settled multi-million dollar lawsuits with and/or rehired the fired researchers, except for Rod MacIsaac, who committed suicide. The treatment he received at the hands of the government was a contributing factor in his death according to the investigating coroner.

Christy Clark should have called in her Attorney General and asked her to provide details about what happened, why it happened, and who was involved. Upon receipt of that information, she should have informed the public appropriately. If the Attorney General did not have that information she should have been immediately fired for settling multi-million dollar lawsuits without it.

Again, the public was not informed, and the Attorney General was not fired. Only one person bears responsibility for that. Christy Clark.

But don’t look for so-called journalists in the employ of the Vancouver Sun to point that out. They’re busy trying to distract us with the process that wouldn’t be needed if they or Christy would fulfill their obligations in the public interest.

I leave with a question. Health Minister de Jong and his then deputy Whitmarsh were once intimately involved in another public insult, namely the illegal Basi/Virk payoff to end the BC Rail trial. De Jong as Attorney General, and Mr. Whitmarsh as Deputy Minister of Finance. Had they been held to proper account for their roles in that affair, would they have been in position to be involved in the health ministry firings? And would Rod MacIsaac still be alive?

Kim said...

Brilliant comment Lew. Brilliant!

e.a.f. said...

Christy could quite possibly not know about the firings of the 8 staffers. She just doesn't have a brain which is capable of dealing with details. She just isn't smart enough to make the decisions that are being made here in B.C. She hasn't been able to finish any academic endeavour, she is just too dumb. In my opinion we have a grinning idiot as premier. She just isn't that bright.

when we look back at how she "achieved" the winning slot as the head of the b.c. lieberal party, there were allegations and questions. Were any of them ever answered? Not so much that can be recalled.

So the question is: WHO IS REALLY PULLING CHRISY CLARE'S STINGS? SHE ISN'T SMART ENOUGH TO DO ALL OF THIS HERSELF. She is capable of smiling, repeating the same things over and over again. It is reasonable to conclude the MSM doesn't ask indepth or follow up questions because they know there won't be any answers. Christy Clark is simply too dumb to answer them. So we have a dumby who smilies, wears heels and smilies and utters the worlds, we are going to grow the economy, families first, LNG is great, we will build Site c dam, but that is about it.


Don't wait for the report prior to the election. It won't matter, it won' say much of anything. The last person who ever told the whole truth about this government has left, Ms. Turmel-Lafond.

It might be fun to put up a reward for the person who gives us the voters the name of the person or persons pulling the dummies strings....any suggestions..............and its not Coleman, he just does the work he is told to do.

Lulymay said...

I think, EAF, that you underestimate what the essence of Clark is. I agree that she is not particularly intelligent, academic for sure, but she is a conniver extrordinaire, and will do anything to stay in power. Lew's list of would of, could of, should of, happened is correct. So we need to look a little deeper into what actually transpired.

I was a middle manager with the BC Govt and retired before Gordo and his sidekick Christy took over. Most of us were very aware that there were a number of government employees - some ADMs, some middle managers, and a number of policy analysts (including Jessica McDonald) who were reporting everything to their master, who was the opposition leader, Gordon Campbell. When Gordo got elected, many of them were richly rewarded with promotions within government civil service.

After the faux Libs took over, many of my peers told me that they had to attend meetings,expected to embrace the "new world order" and when told of the major changes that were coming, many suggested that if the public were to be made aware, it might cause some problems with the public because of press coverage etc. They were very firmly told: - "we don't want to know what trouble it might cause; we just want you to tell us how what we want to do can be done even better".

Of course, no one understood how much the local press was in Campbell's pocket.

So, given Clarke's selfserving, egotistical view of all things Christy, I doubt that any information would have been withheld from her, otherwise a major hissy fit would have ensued. She would only want to be sure that, with the assistance of local media, she would be protected from the shite hitting the fan. In turn she ensures the hatchet people are protected and, of course, the folks that really run the province are completely outside of any kerfuffle.

In the old days, we always worked to make sure the Minister was well informed but teflon coated as much as possible (fear of the media was rampant). Nowadays, the faux Libs don't have to care. And that, folks, is why we have the disaster of government we have today.

Grant G said...

4 million records, to find the one needle in the haystack...wouldn't be surprised if 40 million more records arrived on Chalke's desk...

There is a reason...time and resources

Anonymous said...

How can we remove this quickly as possible..legally and possibly using the constitution or federal criminal justice system?

John' Aghast said...

We could possibly build another Site 'C' (Site 'D'?) with the money and lives this has cost when one person could provide the answers that would avoid all this. Can't we waterboard her?