Friday, November 18, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Word Salad Scare Tactics.


We've been watching this one build over the last few days, because we could see what was coming.

And now it has come to it's logical, at least from a Clarklandian perspective, conclusion.

Emily Lazatin of CKNW has the story:

Could pot now be laced with fentanyl?

That’s the claim Premier Christy Clark is making, as she takes her pitch for more help in the opioid crisis to Ottawa.

Speaking to reporters today, Clark said the toxic narcotic had turned up in pot seized by Vancouver cops.

“Vancouver police did a major seizure, they found cocaine with fentanyl, heroin with fentanyl, methamphetamine with fentanyl and marijuana with fentanyl,” she said.

It’s a worrying claim, but it’s also one that’s news to Vancouver Coastal Health’s Chief Medical Health Officer Patricia Daly.

“I can only speak for what we know in the Vancouver Coastal Region, and we haven’t had any reports of fentanyl contamination of marijuana here at this point,” she said...


...In a statement to CKNW, Sgt. Brian Montague says the VPD has NOT seized any marijuana laced with fentanyl...

A real bonafide health crisis wherein concrete things could be done to start dealing with it right here and right now and the premier, instead of doing those things here and now, is just making stuff up to scare people?

Good grief.

Of course, this crap could (and likely will) turn up anywhere in the future....But the point is that Ms. Clark just made up the stuff about the Vancouver police, specifically, finding it in weed out of nowhere, for the cameras...So, if the proMedia lets her off the hook on this point down the line we will remember and scream at them (again).



North Van's Grumps said...

Premier Christy Clark did it to add to her JOBS BC total.

Why would ANYONE, suggest, mixing "cocaine with fentanyl, heroin with fentanyl, methamphetamine with fentanyl and marijuana with fentanyl,” she said."

Now the public will seeing as how the Premier knows what the 'competitors' are doing.

Anonymous said...

Christy Clark has a history of saying something that is not true because her friends in the Vancouver area MSM will print it. Then when real investigative reporters like Bob Mackin reveal the lie.... it receives no media coverage.
Reminds me of another lie..... however in this case the small town reporter didn't believe her: " When Premier Christy Clark said in a television interview in July that a majority of people in the South Okanagan don’t want a national park and that surveys back her up, there was much scratching of heads.
Now, a Freedom of Information (FOI) request by the Osoyoos Times for information on the survey or polls Clark referred to has come up empty.
“Although a thorough search was conducted, no records were located in response to your request,” said a letter received last week from Cindy Elbahir, manager, Central Agency Team, Information Access Operations with the provincial government."

Expect many more of these lies as the Christy Clark taxpayer funded election campaign continues. ( I never signed up to pay her election fees, but that's exactly what my tax dollar is being used sick is that ? "

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...

Clark, being the ultimate politician, is aligning herself with a tragic issue that diverts attention away from the recent supreme court decision on a costly problem that she clearly created, and perpetuated for years. Notice how she conveniently left town at the predicable and opportunistic time. Always late to the party, just as she was with the Vancouver housing problem, self serving spin, exaggeration, and misinformation is the order of the day.

Crankypants said...

It seems that fake headlines and news stories do not only appear via social media platforms.

Terry Lake seems to be doubling down on the bs spewed by our premier with his qualifying statements today.

Isn't there a saying about being in a hole and when to stop digging?

e.a.f. said...

Well she is the white knight riding to the rescue of all those grieving parents. She will say every and anything she can think of. Like did you get a load of her white suit in Ottawa. wonder if she was wearing it when she made those ridiculous statements.

Of course this will send people into a tizzie and at some point I'm sure she is going to use this statement to do something else, perhaps an attack on all pot shops in BC. which are individually owned? Well big business wants in to the market share. now first you share the shit out of the voters, then you close all the pot shops, because you know that pot has fent. in it and then big business takes over. just check how much the big corps have donated to Christy's pay to play soirees.

its just a thought, but/////////

Now if there actually was fent. laced m.j. and no one even Christy doesn't believe that, its just a really good reason to grow your own and have good reputal small business owners selling the stuff in stores.

Lew said...

I wonder if any pro journos hereabouts will ask Jas Johal and Steve Darling on the record if they're going to call out their new leader on this? Or if they'll keep their mouths shut just like they did when they were pro journos?

Keith E. said...

And right on cue after the lead story of the ailing beluga whale, Friday's shaw/global noon news hour showed the clip of cristy deeply concerned spouting the nonsense. Onto the next item.

Not much chance of Steve and Jas asking searching questions Lew, rumor has it the shaw christmas fireplace is looking at a riding for the next election. Don't want to upset the well trodden path from benign local media to the corridors of the leg. doing what you are told to get on and stay on the 2 term gravy train.

Anonymous said...

For years, drug overdoses have been dismissed as confined to the down and out living in dtes. As a result, the Bc government took no action.

Now that the drug overdose phenomenon, particularly involving fentanyl, has spread into the more-affluent areas involving middle-class drug users, the government is finally paying attention.

The difference today is that the middle-class drug user is called a recreational user. In my mind, the middle-class drug user is an addict. We should call a spade a spade.

Anonymous said...

campaign promises don't matter

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