Saturday, November 19, 2016

This Weekend In Clarkland...Why Do The Wizards Work So Hard On The Boozelblab?


This is why...

In point of fact, I'm almost certain said wizards don't even care what is actually in the story as long as they get the deflector spin headline that kills all newscycles of substance over the weekend.

As for actual governance and policy?


In actual hard (not cider) blogging news....Merv Adey and Norm Farrell both have excellent criticisms of the local puffed-up punditry up at the moment....Now, if you'll excuse me I'm off to watch my kid make music...Details, with sounds, to follow...



Anonymous said...

deflector dial must be set at 11

bcwaterboy said...

Booze announcements are always guaranteed to get such trivial matters as bad faith bargaining, milliions in wasted legal costs and a blatant lie off the headlines. Sheesh we fall for every time and on to the next smily pants photo op.

RossK said...


It is possible, I think, that the default setting may be 11.



Fall for it everytime, indeed.

Which is why, of course, that they keep pumping out such codswallop. And, as a double-plus-unbonus, they are using it to rehabilitate the public image ltd. of Mr. John(ny) 'Never Rotten' Yap.


Anonymous said...

Bridge fail tunnel 1/4 cost

Anonymous said...

Anyone getting tired of the 6 pm infomercials?

Anonymous said...

BC party Donations Slashed By 87% As Political Clout Dries Up .
(potential May 2017 headline?)
never say never

RossK said...


I would be happy if that % drop was even higher, especially given how much of their $ comes from so few donors.


Anonymous said...

The View From Under The Bus not good til may 2017