Thursday, November 10, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...."It's Before The Ombuds Guy!"


Remember back in the darkest dark days of GordCo, Inc. when every BC Liberal government member's non-answer to any and all questions about BC Rail, including those that had little or nothing to do with the actual 'trial',  was concluded with  'It's before the courts'.

And just in case you've forgotten, this was taken to a laughable extreme by then Attorney General Wally Oppal when he was cornered by, gasp!, Ron Obvious and the Dean...



It turns out that those Golden Era days have nothing on what's going on in Clarkland right here and right now.

What am I talking about this time Alfie?

Well, in today's report on the stuff that was being passed by the Ministry of Health to the RCMP  about the fired Healthcare researchers by Andrew MacLeod in the Tyee, a Clarklandian PAB-Botian-type member of the flack-hackery had this to say when asked for an explanation:

“The Ombudsperson has begun his investigation, and I expect any questions will be answered through that process.”

Imagine that!

The YouTube video above was shot by the invaluable chronicler of all that went down during the reign of GordCo Inc., Sean Holman.



Lew said...

The Clarklandian PAB-Botian-type member of the flack-hackery neglected to mention that the only reason the Ombudsperson began his investigation in the first place is because the cowards said member works for won't answer any questions or provide an explanation.

This while they do their best to ensure "that process" lasts until at least May 10th 2017.

Anonymous said...

Q-We outsource our decision processes to avoid all political fallout put on post it notes then shred vigorously.?-IMO

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Wally Weevil knew what was going on and his answers are exactly what is wrong with our so called justice system to this day. It is as morally and legally corrupt as the BC crooked Lieberal government.