Sunday, November 06, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Resource Extractor Families First!


Well, well, well...

#BCL16 is done, and a good chunk of the party faithful has voted to make sure FN don't get theirs.

Meanwhile, as Norm Farrell (he's baaaaaaack!) notes that the BC Liberals under Christy Clark are making darned sure that the resource extractors are getting all of theirs.

And more:

...Christy Clark’s Liberal Government turned the resource royalty and rights program upside down. In 2016, BC started paying gas producers to remove and sell BC gas. By ordinary accounting standards, natural gas cost the province more than $400 million in fiscal year 2016.

With the Liberal plan to provide massive amounts of electricity to gas producers at a fraction of the price BC Hydro pays to acquire power, the gas industry is at the centre of a looming financial disaster like no other before it in BC history...


Wonder how many of those credit-raking extractors are foreign leverage-seekers on that BCLiberal party donor list compiled by Dermod Travis and Integrity BC that sits at the bottom of Douglas Todd's piece in yesterday's VSun?

Not that any of that foreign leveraging could have possibly gone directly into the good Ms. Clark's apparently conflicty-free pocket or anything over the last five years.





Older But Wiser said...

Christy says lets make China great again. Who is getting to reap the benefits of this liberal natural resource give away. Funny how the people of Canada can't afford to buy homes in Vancouver, but the people of China are lining up to buy. There is more logs being shipped to China for milling than what are being milled here. That is just the lumber industry, now we are going to ship LNG and oil to them so they can make products and ship them back to us. When are we going to start saving and creating jobs here, by making and selling finnished products here. Sooner or later we will run out of raw materials, then what?

G West said...

Making it pay. Have you looked at your Fortis Bill recently?
If the BC Government is paying gas producers to 'remove and sell' BC gas then why are there all those line items on each Fortis bill to cover the following:

Delivery Charges (x days @ 0.3890/day)
Delivery (x GJ @ 6.265/GJ)
Commodity Charges-
Storage and Transport (x GJ @ 0.921/GJ)
Cost of Gas (prior to Oct 1 - 0.5GJ @ 1.141 /GJ)
Cost of Gas (effective Oct 1 - x GJ @ 2.050/GJ)

On my current bill, the cost for the Delivery Charge category totals roughly $50.00 while the actual cost of gas is less than $17.00.

There is, as Norm points out, something seriously rotten about the deal resource extraction, distribution and sales outfits have with the province and its people.

Sore Butt said...

We should demand a great big kiss from this government, I don't know about the rest of you but I like a little romance when I'am getting F--ked.

Scotty on Denman said...

After committing so many offences to get BC into the federation, it now looks like BC's becoming a gangrenous appendage Canada would do well to amputate lest the terminal sickness of citizens paying profiteers to take away their own assets spread eastward. The well is not limitless and it will, at this rate, eventually run dry---and a vampiric thirst will need slaking immediately.

Bought politicians have spent decades extolling foreign investment, insisting on its critical necessity, and warning of its potential flight to more profitable jurisdictions. But if BC's any indication, foreign investment is now actual malfeasance analogous to a doctor prescribing a hypodermic shot of anthrax to each and every citizen of BC. The proffered logic goes: we must all die else investment goes off to kill in other jurisdictions---and we wouldn't want that, now would we... That fact that it's actually already killing in other jurisdictions is not the only, nor the most diabolical, perversity affected by these hopelessly addicted capitalists.

Of course immigration will be important---I mean, obviously. Science-fiction warned us about this (and we all thought it was just entertainment).