Tuesday, November 01, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...The Word Salad Real Estate Fixer.


After all, helping scads more first time buyers get into million dollar plus mortgages they can't possibly afford is just what we need 'round here right now.

(or, perhaps three million plus in that particular riding that the good Mr. Lombardi is running in where Ms. Clark so clearly fears to tread)



Anonymous said...

CC forgot Gordo's maxim to never 9!55 on Ottawa.

Grant G said...

Off topic.....Maybe not.



e.a.f. said...

almost fell off the couch! affordable housing in :Point Grey???? For whom???? more foreign investors. Who of us can afford $3 million or up for a house in that area. These two ought to take their comedy routine on the road and forget about politics. They obviously have no clue of how much stand alone houses cost in the GVRD. A town house in south surrey will run you 500K or more.

Ottawa took a prudent step. If they hadn't tightened up mortgages we would be headed to another mess that we had when rates went to 20%. Guess Christy can't remember that far back.

Buying a home in the GVRD is out of reach for a lot of people. the twit premier might want to look in the mirror when it comes to unaffordable housing, she has also contributed greatly to "Premier Dumbie", please take note min. wage is under $11 an hr.and rents in old apartments in the West End are $2200. per month.

The real problem in b.c. when it comes to housing is the b.c. lieberal party and their friends.

Anonymous said...

Start by reducing realtor fees.

Anonymous said...

Incredible as it sounds...the BC Liberal brand has finally been called out and now folks want the taxes and mortgage changes reversed? Ridiculous you bet. Throw the con artists out of office , permanently. What a crock of....
These "economic geniuses", have dealt this province a serious hand of incredible debt for the next generation and beyond. Yet we still have low wages and increasingly higher costs just to live?
In any other country in the world, the tanks would roll. Time to wake up folks, your being fleeced by the BC Liberals, their supporters, and donors. Corruption of the highest order, you bet it is. Your society is being eroded from under you, future generations will be saddled with huge debts while the clowns in this government ride off, laughing, into the sunset.

Stop being the "nice" cooperative, Canadian citizen, its time you got angry, real angry. Deal with these clowns, the way all economic manipulative criminals should be. Quick trials and long jail sentences. Send the message, this isn't about politics anymore, its your way of life, and your kids way of life. The life they won't be able to afford because of the malfeasance and corruption of this BC Liberal government.

e.a.f. said...

Long jail terms would be good, but first you need some one to investigate and that won't be the RCMP. They got a 20 year contract from the b.c. lieberals. Their job is to ensure b & e s are held to a min, pull the odd drunk driver over, investigate car accidents and that is about it. The RCMP in this province is part of the problem. Just have a look at where the federal law suits started: B.C.

The A.G. isn't going to start an investigation. She'd be replaced by whomever is directing the dummie.

So it is up to the voters of this province to take action Many may not like the alternative party, but hey its like in the U.S.A. do you want a sexual assaulter or Clinton. I'd vote Clinton. In B.C. the decision is do you want the government who neglects children, the disabled, and seniors and who runs up 10s of billions in debt, keeps wages low and housing unaffordable or a party who has a few smarts and no recent track record. No recent track record might be a good change. the track record of the current government has dozens of dead children left in their care. So the real question is do you want a government who has dead children in care or one who will make an effort to ensure it doesn't happen?

Anonymous said...

Yes we need to vote these clowns out period...no matter who gets voted in...anyone except the BC Liberals.
On the wish list for the "new" government...the use of orders in council to stop projects that need to be reviewed by either the BCUC, or other regulatory body, Reopen investigations and lay criminal charges against any minister or government official involved in those so called white wash investigations....Health Came firings, Basi/Virk payoff, etc.
There is enough Liberal "garbage to keep a special prosecutor, and a police force experienced in criminal corruption cases, such as the OPP special investigations unit, or the QPP corruption unit busy for years. The RCMP are not to participate due to a clear, conflict of interest.
The answer is clear. A Corruption enquiry must be held into the governance in this province for the past 15 years.
Cost should be no object. Justice must be seen to be done, in order to be done. Perception is everything. Do this once, you will remove the manipulators from governance ...period. Jail those responsible. Proceeds of crime legislation, ..beef it up and go after "all" those that have participated in this democratic "charade".