Friday, November 11, 2016

This Friday Night In Clarkland...The Cravening.


Earlier today we surmised that our fine Premier was going on the offensive in response to her much, much, much more offensive and concerted attempts to dismantle public education in this province over the last fourteen years.

And this evening came the coup de grace of all the craven spinification possible in a piece by Rob Shaw in the remnants of the local Postmedia print organs:

Premier Christy Clark says extra funding could be coming for the public education system following her government’s loss in a key court case at the Supreme Court of Canada.

Clark said the financial implications of the court ruling remain unclear, but the government anticipated the ruling and is ready to sit down with the B.C. Teachers’ Federation to negotiate.

“We’ve already put $100 million aside into this learning improvement fund which is in response to the expectation this is where we’d end up,” she said in an interview Friday.

“If it costs more money, that’s a good thing in lots of ways because it’s a good investment to put money into classrooms and our kids. The discussion then is going to be how do we go about allocating that.”

The premier said she remains optimistic about negotiations with the BCTF because “we all want to get to the same place, which is let us have class sizes that work and more special assistants.”...

No sign, at least in the piece of itself, of any follow-up from Mr. Shaw asking why Ms. Clark did not do this in 2002 when the stripping occurred at her hand, in 2004 before she ran away from GordCo, Inc, in 2011 when she became Premier/when the first BC Supreme court decision came down, before the 2013 election, after the 2015 Appeals court decision.




Crankypants said...

You can bet your last loonie that our independent and unbiased MSM will do all it can to throw this whole issue back into the NDP's laps. I heard reference to that effect at least once, if not more, on CKNW whereby the talking head(s) blamed the tearing up of both the HEU and BCTF contracts on the premise that the NDP left the new government a "poison pill". The fact that both contracts were handled in a vengeful and costly way will be downplayed to the point of being inconsequential.

Christy Clark's response is nothing more than self-serving bull excrement designed to blow smoke up the backsides of the voters. She never showed concern for public education from the time she was first elected in 2001 and there is no reason to believe her stance has turned 180 degrees.

North Van's Grumps said...

The $100 million 'set aside' is from 'taking the knife (budget)(Hughes) to far' again when it comes to looking after children. Its been a 'balancing act' for the BC Liberals. Starve the public education into oblivion just so her real estate buddies can have the properties to develop.

Anonymous said...

Another BC cognitive dissonance cluster bomb.

Anonymous said...

That $100 million dollars is in the form of the "prosperity" fund she "created".