Friday, November 04, 2016

Defining What Is Presidential And What Is Not.


Presidential, via CNN:

President Barack Obama rebuked a crowd of Hillary Clinton supporters Friday after they shouted down a man holding a Donald Trump sign.

Obama was addressing a get-out-the-vote rally for Clinton here when the man, wearing a military uniform and hat, stood up in the bleachers and prompted the response from supporters of the Democratic nominee.

"Hold up! Hold up! Hold up! Hold up!" Obama shouted over and over as the supporters drowned out his calls for order.

"Everybody! Hey!" Obama yelled. "I told you to be focused and you're not focused right now."
The President then reminded the crowd "we live in a country that respects free speech," adding the man looked like he possibly served in military, saying, "we ought to respect that."...


Not presidential, also via CNN:

...Trump later on Friday mischaracterized Obama's handling of the protester, accusing Obama of becoming "unhinged" and of "screaming at this protester."

"Frankly, it was a disgrace," Trump said at a rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania...

'Nuff said?



Ho Lee Sh-t said...

Trump and his republicans remind me so much of Cristy and her Liberals. There should be a contest to see who can tell the biggest whoopers. It would be a close race. What is this world coming to, when this is the best that political parties can pick to run this province, or in the states to run there country. The oh mighty dollar has a way of bringing out the best [ thats a pun by the way ] for you that back these useless P.O.S.. GOD PLEASE HELP us.

Anonymous said...

I watched a clip of the Obama "incident" and for Trump to say he was 'screaming at this imposter' is an outrageous lie. Trump is a despicable, small-minded buffoon. He has no skill, grace, tact or style, and he's certainly not presidential.

He's a fool, and the fact that he is the Republican candidate for president, with millions of people genuflecting in mindless adoration of his foul-mouthed comments says a lot about the state of affairs in the US. I can only imagine what the rest of the world thinks of the US now.

Bill said...

President Obama is everything that Trump will never be.

Trump is deplorable with not one redeeming feature. Darth Trump. He has been bankrupt his whole adult life. Trump can not even govern his own self. How is it people can think he can govern the country? This is scary for our neighbour and all the rest of us he might impact if some how this election goes totally off the rails.

Chuckstraight said...

Will wait and see - if Trump elected time to head for the hills.

Willy said...

Lew said...

Watched Bill Maher last night.

He interviewed President Obama in the White House. Not that there were any real hardball questions, but while Obama was providing answers to issues that were raised, it struck me that the level of discourse was so far above the intellectual level Trump operates on that Trump would have serious difficulty keeping up with the conversation.

During the panel arguments last week there were some pretty good exchanges on differing points of view between Maher, Rick Lazio, Kristen Soltis Anderson, Chelsea Handler, and Michael Moore. Near the end Handler made the point that solutions can come from exchanges like that, but it would be impossible with Trump included because he wouldn't understand what the hell they were talking about.

She’s right. And furthermore neither he nor his supporters would care.

RossK said...

Front page of NYT put it at 45 Clinton to 42 Trump yesterday.

I, for one, sure hope that the firewall is still intact (although I wish it hadn't been during the primaries) and that the Clinton machine can get out the vote in a way that Trump spawn haven't even conceived of).

Regardless....the fact that 42% of 'potential' American voters are willing to even consider voting for a person who is clearly conning them and is willing to take a stroll down the boulevard of broken fascist dreams is terrifying.


Anonymous said...


I have been suppressing anxiety attacks, comforting myself, should the worst come to pass, with the hope that Trumpugees will bring their dynamism (and healthy portfolios) to Canada. Their experience of ugly alt-right-fighters, and political savvy, would have a dampening effect on the Near East's Conportunists that are laying in wait to bamboozle us again.

RossK said...


Shine on you silver lining hunter you!




Anonymous said...


Discussion at our morning table was re: Trump's promises of the vengeance he will wreak on his enemies (Richard Branson shared his story re this)…

Add to this, his vow to take control of the media and suppress dissent…Got me thinking of Joe McCarthy…so I ran a check on twitter, to see if others are thinking of the parallels…and gosh!

Whadaya know:

Andrea BernsteinVerified account ‏@AndreaWNYC Nov 4
Andrea Bernstein Retweeted EleanorRandolph

***Joe McCarthy mentored Roy Cohn who mentored Trump. Andrea Bernstein added,

EleanorRandolph @EleanorRandolph
***And Joe McCarthy is smiling. As Trump Ally, Rudy Giuliani Boasts of Ties to F.B.I.