Saturday, November 05, 2016

This Week In Clarkland...Of Empty Seats and Hit Pieces.


The BC Liberal Party is doing something really, really Yuuuuuuge(!) on 'accountability' with esteemed cabinet members this fine Saturday morning.

However, unlike, those chosen few who are willing to secretly fork out thousands in return for influence....errrr...dinner, it appears that the rank-and-file are just not that interested in what's on offer:


With all that going on in the wake of concerted critical coverage on issues of substance over the past couple of weeks, what's the wizardry to do?

Well, with no local version of a guy named Comey in the fold, it would appear that they've decided to go with their next best thing.

The hit piece.


Would'a thunk it could still happen?

Especially now that their former guy on the inside of the hit piece-making machinery is now fighting humanity's greatest challenge by pretending that challenge, which he has previously disavowed, doesn't even exist (kinda/sorta like upstream emissions don't exist, also).

I you get my Big Muddyish-type drift.




Lew said...

Horgan left an opening on this one so wide that the Vancouver Sun editorial board must have inspected it a couple of times to make sure it wasn't a trick. But it wasn't and they must have been in orgasmic glee with the opportunity to take free shots at will.

Horgan is in no position to play rope-a-dope. He should immediately abandon that strategy.

North Van's Grumps said...

Too bad for Horgan, not to have a 15 year old son to use as a political prop

Willy said...

You need a conscience to understand accountability.There isn't a single whit of conscience to share among the lot.

RossK said...

I don't disagree that, ultimately, it is unlikely to be a winning strategy Lew--

But I do find it interesting that the fine folks from the VSun jumped on on Mr. Horgan, with both feet and boots on, the first time he made such a mistake while completely ignoring the many, many, many ridiculously insensitive and often counterproductive remarks from our fine Premier on events and issues that affect those who need our help most.


Lew said...


You're correct of course. The pro media folks around here have a long record of favouring and forgiving when it comes to the BC Libs.

Which makes it all the more important that Mr. Horgan doesn't make it even easier for them.

Know your enemy.

Lew said...


Mr. Horgan's statement on the matter:

Now we need someone from the Vancouver Sun to explain how their editorial matched journalistic principles, especially the part where the public interest is paramount.

Having said that, I hope Mr. Horgan tries hard not to give them any more similar opportunities.