Wednesday, November 16, 2016

This Week In Clarkland...Is Something Happening In Quilchena?


Monday evening I was waiting at the light at 16th and Macdonald and, like Bob Mackin before me, I was surprised in the extreme when I looked to my right and found the visage of the Clarklandian Advanced Education minister staring right back at me.


Starting a campaign in Quilchena, where Mr. Wilkinson by more than 40 points last time out, six months before the election?


Is there something in the tea leaves that we don't know about?


As Uncle Bob mused on the Twittmachine, is it just that the BC Liberals have so much crony money to spend that they can't help themselves?


Is it both?

Update: There is a third possibility (which came our way from a reader offline who was only half-joking I think)...What if some wizardarian member of Marky Mark's Klout Klub has been leaning on the riding association to open things up for Madame Premier?...If so, how better to mark the territory for Mr. W?



sd said...

Yes it's happening in Mission- Maple Ridge. I'm driving in my hood and there on a bus stop is a pic of our local political lap dog Marc Dalton on a bus stop.I wonder with transit so messed up out in the valley why they're putting ads on bus stops. Do they think the people who can still afford bus passes or rely on transit will vote for them. I think the tea leaves are not looking too good for them,but let's not get fooled again!Remember, "It's On Time And On Budget " then repeat 20 times.

Grant G said...

been wondering about that Mr. K...

BC television...BC Liberal government is flooding the airwaves with advertising promoting themselves..

B.C. newspapers have turned into corporate message boards, including promoting corporate governments(BC Libs)..

Postmedia had all their papers endorse Harper..Harper was running feel-good taxpayer paid for ads years before 2015 election..including endless ads mocking Trudeau's hair and ability..

"budgets will balance themselves"

To no avail, the public dumped Harper in a thud..

In a digital world.

With the last of the human dinosaurs(not online) dying off..

Everything I buy, every bill I pay..I'm asked for email address, pay bills online..

Look at kids in school today, almost 100% of kids today are online, most kids have been online going on a decade, but today Ross...

Almost all the parents are online too..

Meaning this...parents, kids, concerned citizens, anyone wanting information on just about anything are going online to get the information..

The demise of Asperville, demise of Postmediaville, Canwestville...

The public today watches Television for entertainment, sports, movies, game-shows.. including Youtube, Netflix...

Big bias media no longer holds the balance of power...

Down south, almost every newspaper endorsed Clinton..CNN..NBC.MSNBC.

Joe Public got information from Brietbart news, Alex Jones, Youtube, alternative media..

There was a B.C. poll a couple of months ago...NDP were up 5 points on BC Liberals..

Are we entering the B.C. edition of rejecting the status quo..

BC Libs are trumpeting balanced operating budgets, booming province and jobs jobs jobs...

Yet there are no affordable rental units, no affordable housing..MSP..Fuel..Hydro bills..gas bills, grocery bills and then look at your paycheque..

Wages flat are falling...

Yea, something is going on Ross K

BC Liberals are worried...

Vancouver Island..BC Libs are contemplating losing the few ridings they hold..

BC Libs are not likely to gain any Vancouver proper seats..


North Van's Grumps said...

Adrian Dix was caught riding the Canada Line to work .... Is Wilkinson BC Liberal sign of the times, that THEY ride the transit to work too? The nice thing about the sign its just the right height for graffiti, eh.

Grant G said...

Guess what else is happening Ross K..

Rich Coleman manufactured another LNG article..another LNG fake-out..

The only person cited in this Bloomberg article is Rich Coleman..and check out the NEW TIMELINE for a potential Petronas FID.

North Van's Grumps said...

Interesting phrase to use "Let's Keep BC on Track" The last time that was used was in a Times Colonist Editorial July 14, 2016 AND it had to do with the public's perception of Corruption at all levels of government spending tax dollars

Anonymous said...

bc libs-
BCRail -6 million free bill paid
hst fail
34 billion to 66 billion debt in 14 years
deaths from health care cutbacks on cleaning- c dif
researcher death
kids in care deaths aged out at 19
raw log export foresty fail
overbudget?undeperform?- golden ears bridge
port mann/bcplace roof/convention center/
future =site c and massey

Crankypants said...

Methinks that Mr. Wilkinson suffers from premature electioneering.

G West said...

I checked the Election Act. There is no proscription against campaign ads posted prior to the writ being dropped. However, municipal government does regulate these things, as well as limiting where on public property such ads can be displayed. I'd be surprised if the BC Liberals haven't checked with the local jurisdiction having authority. But, if they haven't - and the posters are in violation of the local by-laws it would make an interesting and embarrassing story!

Anonymous said...

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The take-a-way from this has nothing to do with premature election signs. To me, it sounds more like Wilkinson is peeing on the four corners of his constituency as a territorial gesture.

I wonder what heavy weight could be interested in running for the Liberals in Quilchena.

If the suggestion is true, Mr. Wilkinson is in line for the usual generous exit package.

Dan said...

I just checked with Van city hall and that sign at 16 and McDonald is not legal.

Dan said...

Update for Vancouver election sings. My mistake I failed to hear the telephone response correctly.

Here is a pdf sent to me from city hal re election sings guidelines.

Dan said...

Apparently today not only can I not hear I can't spell correctly.

RossK said...

Thanks for checking Dan.

e.a.f. said...

could be the B.C.Lieberals want to get an early start on brain washing the electorate and they certainly have the money. It could be that he is peeing in all his corners to "mark his territory" you know like male dogs, doesn't want some outsider coming in and taking his seat whether it be a challenger with in the riding or some who might be tired of commuting to and from Kelowna. Say it ain't so Christy. Couldn't believe you don't love Kelowna as much as you say you do. Time will tell and this could be entertaining yet. A little knife fight within the B.C. Lieberals. ...........nice.