Thursday, November 03, 2016

Health Research Firings (ctd)...What's In A Dump?


Well, according to Dermod Travis of Integrity BC at least, in the case of the sudden appearance of 3.8 million documents that no one could find for the last four years it can mean only one thing.

Cindy Harnett of the VTC has the story.

Here is her lede:

B.C. ombudsperson Jay Chalke has an obligation to release, in part or in whole, his report into the firings of eight Health Ministry drug researchers before the provincial election in May, said Dermod Travis of government watchdog group Integrity B.C...

On the heels of revelations Tuesday that Chalke’s investigation has uncovered four million related records for review — as compared with the 200,000 the Health Ministry estimated were relevant — critics are questioning the disparity and the delaying of the report until at least February or March.

“I think the government fully expects the report won’t come out before the election,” Travis said.

The “document dump” by the provincial government was “fully intended” to delay the ombudsperson report until after the May 9 election. It was originally due last month...

I highly recommend you read Ms. Harnett's story in its entirety.

Because it is good.



North Van's Grumps said...

and like the BC Rail Trial, where the Prosecutor had to DISCLOSE all document, they were scanned copies, not the original files created in Word or email format. The Prosecutor staff was almost unlimited, whereas the Defense Lawyers were VERY limited in staff, TWO.

Every document that was disclosed had to be READ. The ability to use Control F was useless.

And here we have the BC Liberals doing exactly the same thing.

cfvua said...

If there's nothing to hide why is the government trying to hide it?