Tuesday, November 01, 2016

The Milburn Report/Audit ctd...The Dean's Lede vs. Reality.


First, the lede at the top of Mr. Palmer's piece in today's Vancouver Sun:

When the B.C. Liberals pre-emptively fired the Vancouver School Board two weeks ago, they held back a government-ordered (Milburn) audit of the troubled district because of an outstanding concern about privacy...

Next, from Marcella Bernardo's Roundhouse Radio report back in ancient times (i.e. October 18th):

...When he fired all the trustees, Education Minister Mike Bernier said he can't release that (Milburn) report because BC's acting privacy commissioner is investigating a complaint involving the possible disclosure of personal information.

"That report, again, will come out soon and then, you'll be able to see the information in there."

Acting Privacy Commissioner Drew McArthur was later asked if that's true.

"I'm not in a position to confirm or deny anything associated with the VSB."

"So, you can't talk about whether or not you've been contacted by the Education Minister to determine whether or not that report should be released?"

"You're correct."

Staff have now confirmed an investigation is underway, but there's nothing keeping Bernier from releasing the audit results.

They say 'The Commissioner was not involved in the Ministry of Education's decision not to release' it...


It would appear that one of those things may not quite be like the other.

The bizarre thing (or maybe not given his proven ability to pull all punches when push comes to insider access/fence sitting shove) about Mr. Palmer's piece is that he acknowledges that the decision to fire the VSB was made BEFORE any of the apparatchiks (and/or the mouthpiece....errrr...Minister) actually saw the Milburn report before waving that most notable fact away with the following... "Still, the more than 300 pages of findings go a long way to show how the VSB has been an outlier — an outcast even — among the province’s 60 school districts."....Because, you know, a government that uses a serially-hired gun's hatchet job as media-splashed cover to the predetermined firing of a democratically-elected school board is not the real story here, right?



North Van's Grumps said...

Confidential Advice for the Minister Bernier

Document Properties:

Title: I

Author: Eleena Marley (check out LinkedIn for Bil)(P3)

Created: October 17, 2016 (Monday)
Modified: October 28. 2016 (Friday)


EY VSB School Closure Supplemental Not modified since October 17, 2016

Lew said...

Firing the VSB was a clear message to the citizens of British Columbia from the BC Liberals. Elect the school boards you want, but they’ll do what we tell them, and they’d better not get any silly ideas about considering what’s best for your children. That’s advocacy, and strictly verboten. They are to robotically look after plant and property according to our rules, period.

Refusing to conduct re-elections for the vacancies created by firing the VSB was a clear and specific message to the citizens of Vancouver. You can’t be trusted with the democratic rights enjoyed by the rest of the province.

Citizens; your move.

e.a.f. said...

The B. C. Lieberals can always rely on the dimmy dean to get their message out.

In my opinion the b.c. lieberals are ensuring their political donners get the land they want, at the price they want. democracy be dammed. that is only for those who can pay to play.

the people of Vancouver have only themselves to blame for this. look at who they elected.

Anonymous said...

Once again Vaughn Palmer reminds us that he is a columnist, and not a journalist.

Anonymous said...

To Lew and e.a.f. , comments are right on the money. Democracy hijacked by money. Time the citizenry got angry and stepped up to defend the democratic rights there forefathers died for. If not for principle then for the next generation.
But do something! You the citizen are not powerless! Organize and defend your rights. Tyranny comes in many forms, this particular form is insidious, a creeping cancer of corruption, malfeasance and public manipulation.
Defend your rights, your democracy...or you will lose it. The laws and policing of your democracy are not working, its time you the people corrected that gross miscarriage of justice. The pseudo form of governance the BC Liberals practice, is not governance at all. Its an economic dictatorship, overseen by financial backers and political backroom hacks, who do the bidding of their handlers.

Democracy? Don't kid yourself. Your going to have to fix this. Its corruption pure and simple.

Anonymous said...

Fire democratically elected officials and put in 'financial managers'... what could go wrong?

What Went Wrong In Flint
by Anna Maria Barry-Jester, FiveThirtyEight.com

Flint water crisis