Thursday, November 17, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Photo-Op Uber-Alles!


Yesterday we noted how the BC Liberal government of Ms. Christy Clark has refused to take concrete steps to deal with the fentanyl crisis.

And look what our fine premier is up to today....

Imagine that!



Anonymous said...

But wait Ross ...... Christy Clark has asked out to " and reaching out to China to stop illegal drugs before they get to Canadian shores. "

You see all it takes is a phone call to China to say stop sending drugs to BC

Reminds me when the Mayor of Surrey said it's time to reach out to those killers and ask them to stop.

Now that's what I call innovative and forward thinking leadership.

Guy in Victoria

istvan said...

A red herring ,ban the pill presses, NDP . As I am sure you know Ross this stuff can be made here .Blame China that's easy. Time to stop this stupid war on drugs. That is easy...S..

Grant G said...

This is outrageous...Remember the "terrorism" attack in Ottawa..

The headlines raged...terrorists lurking everywhere, portrayed terrorism as Canada's overarching problem...

If even 5 people were killed(none have been killed) in BC this through terrorism the screams would be deafening..

Several months ago when Fentanyl deaths started to get airplay...

CKNW brought up the issue, asked for callers to weigh in...

I was shocked..the majority of CKNW phone-in callers that day blamed the victims, had no sympathy...said if you are using drugs you take your chances...

Imagine if high-priced wine and aged scotch was being spiked with something lethal....

BC's Conservative/socred people(Christy Clark's people)...would be screaming from the rooftops..

I liken it to the Aids epidemic..

Racism and stupidity comes in many forms..

Mr K.....

There is a drug to keep people alive after consuming Fentanyl if injected in time...

Maybe there's another tool available to help save lives...You are a science geek..

Oxicontin is a pill...

A pill that gets crushed and snorted, injected or eaten whole..

Is there anything available like a blotter paper that turns blue, or red, or green, or black when in contact with Fentanyl..

A way drug users can test their product for Fentanyl..

If there is...Make Fentanyl testing strips available to everyone, kids, students, club goers, adults, everyone..

Good Day

e.a.f. said...

OMG a photo op out of a medical crisis. I knew the girl had it in her. Just another photo op for Christy. She "takes" it to Ottawa, right. Great photo op, lets blame Ottawa. Expect from now on to hear the Photo op queen blame Ottawa for all the Fent. deaths. Love it. CBC has it as an opiod crisis, its not an O. crisis, its a fenty. crisis.

What could be done is more safe drug sites but that would cost money so that isn't going to happen. I don't believe education is going to help, every one knows Fent. kills. What might be a good idea is if some provincial money, was spent going after the manufacture of Fent makers. I thought at one time there was an RCMP squad which Christy disbanded that looked into gangs and things like this

Much of this is coming from local organized crime. I'm sure if the police don't know who is producing it they could find an enterprising teenager who could find out for them. Just bust the factory, and leave it at that. Trials won't help. We are severely short of Judges, etc. so trials will take at least 18 months to hold or never.

If some one does die from fent. they may want to have the Crown charge the dealer with second degree murder, but again that would require prosecuters, judges, court rooms, etc.

The only way to deal with this is to get rid of Christy. who ever is pulling her strings ought to just give it one hard yank and get rid of her. that of course is unlikely to happen because so many are making money off the backs of the tax payers in this province and if a few hundred people/kids have to die, well so be it.

I've always been of the opinion the shootings in Surrey were not going to stop or the RCMP weren't going to do much about them until 10 middle class people per month were shot or killed. With this Fent. issue, I'd suggest not until a hundred and fifty per month of middle class people are dying will anything be done. We're not quite there yet.

North Van's Grumps said...

Illicit Drug Overdose Deaths in BC January 1, 2007 to October 31, 2017

Anonymous said...

pants on fire premier?

G West said...

She's playing the 'blame' game - the one game she 'really' knows how to play.

Anonymous said...

What gives?

Either Daffy Duck is on the early offensive with a good defence strategy or internal polling is down and getting worse, or both?

Not speculating just sensing based on recent events/statement occurring throughout BC. North East BC is hurting. Housing is creating homeless issues all throughout BC spreading to small town Vancouver Island. No bright lights on the horizon and if housing falters we are in for some delicate moments.

On the topic of Kinder Morgan Twinning.

My thoughts Ottawa will approve the twinning knowing full well Trump will give the Keystone pipeline the thumbs up and Kinder never gets used. Just a thought.

RossK said...


It sure does appear that part of the FedLib stratergy is to approve stuff willy nilly in an effort to garner the approval of the business bund in the short term while hoping said stuff never gets built in the end given the fact that, if it does, it will most certainly severely tarnish that electoral bamboozlement halo that is kept aloft by a flock of mini-drones (emblazoned with the number '51') over the leader's head.

Or some such thing.