Friday, November 25, 2016

The Keef Report...When In Doubt Bring Up The '90's.


Wonder why the Keef didn't bring up Tom Perry (see SHolman's party discipline doc at the 13 min mark) when David Eby got the runaway housing price ball rolling recently?

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Anonymous said...

That person shown standing right behind Horgan is Katrine Conroy, who represents Kootenay West, the riding just south of where Corky Evans used to prowl. I guess Keith, who can't be bothered to talk to NDP MLAs, didn't know that.

Lew said...

Vaughn Palmer had the same spin for Jon McComb on 'NW this morning. Looks like the club members have synchronized their talking points.

Also, on 'NW's 8AM newscast this morning, listeners who couldn't make it to Christy's pep-talk at a BC Liberal fundraiser were treated to a clip of her mocking John Horgan's promise to accelerate the twinning of the highway to Alberta. She says he's like the guy who shows up late to help you move and then sits on your couch drinking your beer.

Since 'NW doesn't seem to think it would be good practice in the interests of balanced journalism to match her 2013 election platform promise on that issue with actual progress to date, it is now up to John Horgan to find a way to do it.

Mr. Horgan, Christy just kicked sand in your face on this issue. Show us what you've got in response.

Unknown said...

What Beefy Keefy doesn't appear to realize is that the public attitude towards the grizzly kill has changed over the past 20 years, for the NDP and BC Liberals alike. No-one except a few BC Liberal MLA's will go on record supporting it. The only issue remaining is whether to have a complete ban or a partial one

Anonymous said...

I love this comment on twitter....

" When you know your spin ain't working & you've lost the argument then bring up the 90's. "

And that describes Balfrey & associates.

Guy in Victoria

e.a.f. said...

OMG WHAT A RIOT. what century is that guy from? Oh, right the last one. guess that is why young people don't pay him any attention. Younger people these days don't always like to go around killing things. Guess old keefie hasn't kept up with the times.

the majority of people in the province do not support a bear hunt and haven't for a long time. Why Christy and the B.C. Lieberals keep insisting we have one is beyond me. Its not like it brings in a load of money. I think it not unreasonable to conclude that those attending the pay to play crowd must include a few of those hunting companies.

A lot more people like to take pictures and tour the areas where bears are than kill them. People who tour to photograph the bears are going to spend a lot more money also. When you're not hauling home dead bears you have lots of room in your luggage for other things.

Hey its Keefie ready for retirement yet?

We will most likely be hearing from all the pro media/MSM about how good it is to kill bears. who knows if the photo op is right perhaps the queen of photo ops will get out there in her hunting gear and shoot one. She can put on a bear hat and go for it.

Anonymous said...

Time most of the local MSM club, bought and paid for types, to retire. The bad old BCNDP Days of the 90's. Surely you can do better than that. What a crock these clowns are.
If you cant see the real news story of corruption, malfeasance and white collar crime in action, by the BC Liberals, then you are blind or part of their club of followers.

The academics and political pundits will write horror stories about this criminal organization,serving in government for years to come.
Where are the people who can step up to demolish this group of like minded sociopaths?

cfvua said...

Rewind to Minister Bill Bennett' s comments in his "exit" interview with Mr. Vaughn Palmer. When asked by Jordan Bateman of Canadian Taxpayer's Federation what he thought was one thing about rural BC residents that urbanites didn't get(paraphrasing)? His response was that grizzly bears are dangerous!!! Obviously, this is set up to be a wedge issue. In various parts of the province there are a lot of bears. Other places not many. The one thing that is for sure though is that the most endangered species in the bush are park rangers, wildlife biologists who could actually substantiate various populations and conservation officers. Which after 3 terms is up to the current government to answer for.

davemj said...

BULL SHIT BILL owns or owned a hunting guide outfit he cant see straight since Scambell gobbed in his eye, face,clock err what ever has panting and drooling wherde go Ralph wherede go Baderdash and Bullshiter ass kissers you cant cure stoopid

Anonymous said...