Friday, November 04, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...The Immaculate eDrive Deception.


As Bob Mackin notes it's nothing but a gimmick:

So, get out there and sign up for your Site C electrons!

After all, we've got to do something with all that surplus power that we are going to fleece the rubes in perpetuity to produce.

And as for all those 'upstream' emissions?


You know....

And one hundred jobs?....Seems a long way from trillion dollar windfall to me.



Grant G said...

The fakery goes much further..

Lew said...

It's very doubtful, both because this outfit represents the croniest of cronies, and because the Petronas (dream) deal is a yardstick for any that follow, that the province will receive very little in taxes and royalties from this plant, and then only decades from the start of operations.

As for the jobs, the 100 (although important if you have one) represent about 0.0000416 percent of BC’s workforce. Christy employs three times as many in her public relations department.

Because of the above, and the risks to the environment and public safety due to the plant’s location, I’d rather celebrate 100 front-line jobs added to the Ministry of Children and Family Development. The payoff would be much more in the public interest.

Lulymay said...

The frackin' queen strikes again and has her PR gun belt loaded with pure BS. I've seen some questionable politicians in my day, but this one take the proverbial cake.

Don F. said...

sounds sorta kinda like a funny way of saying " I will insure taxpayers and ratepayers will supply LNG electricity at their expense". And that in her mind is cause for celebration??

North Van's Grumps said...

four jobs each year doesn't sound as impressive as 100 jobs over 25 years

Hugh said...

Using electricity to power LNG means even more natural gas can be exported on GHG-emitting ships and burned elsewhere, emitting GHG, instead of using it to generate LNG.

RossK said...

Great point about all downstream 'bridge' emissions also Hugh.


Lenin's Ghost said...

To be cancelled after the election

Anonymous said...

More B.S. from the sparkle pony crew and their behind the scenes string pullers.
Remove these people and quickly, before you lose any hope of a financial future. Do what ever is necessary, orders in council etc. For the good of the taxpayers in this province, remove and if possible jail these economic criminals.

Scotty on Denman said...

Thank Moses I'll be at band practice Tue's Day night.