Saturday, November 19, 2016

This Weekend In Clarkland...The Distraction.


An official announcement from the Clarklandian Minister of Public Safety released last night, Friday November 18th at 7:03pm (i.e. less than one hour after a particular GlobalBC 'news' item):

The Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Mike Morris has issued the following statement on the overdose crisis:

"I’d like to put a stop to the distraction from the deadly serious issue of our overdose crisis that has been taking place today, with regard to Premier Christy Clark's comments that we had a confirmed case of marijuana laced with fentanyl.

"As we’ve all heard from the Vancouver Police Department, this was reported in error, and we’ve also heard from the RCMP that the reports out of Masset earlier this week are also not confirmed.

"With that now clear, let’s move forward in our fight against this deadly drug. We continue to warn the public that any and all drugs can be tainted with fentanyl, including marijuana. We implore everyone to take this caution seriously as we are seeing an average of two people dying a day in this crisis in our province. Let’s turn our focus back to saving lives."


'Reported in error'?


Was it not Mr. Morris' boss, Ms. Clark, that herself started the 'distraction' with her irresponsible fear mongering statement that was in direct contradiction of the actual indisputable facts from the VPD?

And was is not Mr. Morris' boss' office that, after Ms. Clark was called on it, doubled down on the irresponsible fear mongering by throwing out a so-called 'second set of facts' from the Masset RCMP that they themselves used in an attempt to convince British Columbians that the first set of indisputable facts from the VPD was incorrect?

Oh well, nothing whatsoever to see there, so let's just move on.


Tip O' The Toque to NVG for the heads-up.
Again, I am not attempting to suggest that the fentanyl crisis is not real... I fully understand that it is life threatening for many of our most vulnerable citizens...My issue here is that our local proMedia continues to demonstrate that it is incapable of dealing with demonstrable falsehoods from our premier in a straightforward and consistent manner...And, to be absolutely clear, I find this inability to deal with such falsehoods, especially when they are clumsily camoflauged by the premier's own flack-hackery, to be particularly egregious when it helps provide cover for the fact that the premier is not dealing with the matters at hand in a substantive manner.  



Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Yet another British Columbian premier making an ass of themselves in Ottawa. Not really news unless sky being blue on a sunny day is news too. Thanks Clark. Perhaps you can make up for it when you (inevitably) get appointed to your oh so deserved diplomatic post in the (hopefully) not so distant future.

Anonymous said...

Fact Said in error /misspoke. the reporting was factual
Trying to wag the dog?

Anonymous said...

The media reporting was 100 percent accurate .it was the source of quote, the premier, who was at fault.Would BC like to correct this also?

bcwaterboy said...

Must be getting close to Christmas, so many gifts for John Horgan to start his campaign. After all, Christy has been campaigning since May 10th of 2013. The 2017 election has to be about the credibility factor, it's a big gaping black hole and the cracks are definitely showing in an apparatus so cleverly designed to keep Clark's feet out of her mouth.

Chuckstraight said...

Christy Clark Lied? The horror.

North Van's Grumps said...

"....We continue to warn the public that any and all drugs can be tainted with fentanyl ....."

Could Mike and Christy and Terry give the public some reassurance based on FACTS, not gossip, that eg. London Drugs and other dispensaries are not selling tainted with fentanyl medications? One pressed pill looks just like another pressed pill, or capsule, or liquid, or cream, or ....

Anonymous said...

We need to start drug testing all these politicians as they are making decisions that affect us all. Christy Clark especially sounds like she's on crack or some other "laced" drug.

Anonymous said...

So when is our Premier going to step up to the plate,show some integrity, and admit she made a mistake rather than her minions doing it for her. My guess, never.

Anonymous said...

BC Liberals fiddle while Rome burns
BC pill presses churn churn churn

Anonymous said...


Wow. Did Christy just get set up for a renewal of the old 8:01?

Justus Havelaar said...

Time to stop referring to the Premier as "Christy". That just endears her to her public. She's "Ms. Clark" or "The Premier" to me. Or better yet, "the BCLiberal Premier".

Anonymous said...

SH @ J H:

It is the opposite. She has never comported herself as a poised, Parliamentarian and Premier.

The use of her common name reflects that. Remember the floppy mike?

Anonymous said...

propaganda priority over pill press prodution in BC?

istvan said...

Good point anon3:37 another red herring to deflect the issue.

RossK said...

Anon-Above & istvan--


And even Mikey-Mike of the Province is getting it.


Anonymous said...

But, Ross! Mikey-Mike's "getting it" is always so short lived.
What I want is consistency of what is going on, integretity in journalism, oh, hell, you know, some sort of truth in journalism on a regular rather than on a somewhat intermittent basis. You know, not to just sell the occasional newspaper.

Anonymous said...

"Everything Is Not Awesome" - Don't Be The Turkey in May 2017

RossK said...

I hear you Anon-Two-Above...

And Ron Obvious just can't understand why the public just doesn't get it when everything is one shot and retreat no matter how egregious the story (and that includes the cronification of everything money grubbing).


Anonymous said...

beer a distraction?