Monday, December 27, 2010

And As Predicted In The Comments....


The pro-pundit Wurlitzering of the 'Nettleton Letter', in the form of a pick-up from the Dean himself, has begun!

Liberal leadership Christy Clark has picked up a significant endorsement from former MLA Paul Nettleton, a Liberal-turned-independent who was one of the harshest critics of the decision to sell government-owned B.C. Rail.

Nettleton also supported Clark’s inisistence that there is no need for a public inquiry into B.C. Rail, saying that it is time for the province to “move forward and put the B.C. Rail matter behind us.”

A lawyer and former two term MLA from Prince George Nettleton now lives in Ladysmith on Vancouver Island.

He laid out his endorsement of Clark in a letter to the editor published Sunday in the Victoria Times Colonist Sunday.....

Which, of course, is what the jockeys riding Ms. Clark's 'Candidacy of Joy' really wanted in first place.


And yes, the reference to the doomed candidacy of the hyper-endorsed Hubert 'I Am The Eggman' Humphrey, was wholly intended.


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Jon Ghun said...

All pirates on-board have to do their share of bailing when the ship starts taking on too much water.

Vaughn is a made "G" man, and hence, he has no choice but to get out the bucket and start throwing.

Nettleton's clearly taken the oath, as well; and he's started using his bare hands, because that's all he's got left.

To me, these two guys barely matter at this point, except in their transparent complicity to provide cover for the on-going criminal conspiracy to defraud the sovereign estate. Just because it's your job doesn't make it right.

But, anyway, we've got the names, and will be in touch when the time comes to settle up. Until then, have nice lives, pawns.