Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Big Muddy Rising Up Country...


From Opinion 250:

Prince George, B.C.- With the most recent heavy rains being blamed for the swelling of the  Nechako and Fraser Rivers, there is also cause for concern with the lingering snowpack.
Both regions are listed at being 178% of normal as the cold blast in May dropped even more snow in the region...

Hopefully the damage will be minimal for the folks up that way.....

Meanwhile, down river  rumour has it that a number of proMedia organs are frantically spinning their rolodexes in search of local  'residents' to scream, holler and go in the blue-in-the-face about how, when the water hits Lotusland, any and all liquid Snowmageddons will be entirely the fault of Gregor Robertson.

And/or American environmentalists who kept the land-rapers from hauling all the gravel out of the water just past Sliverville.

Who said Spam-A-Lot is dead!


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