Thursday, June 07, 2012

The Treadmill And The Dance....

...And The Hand That Touches Us All.


I am an atheist.

But that doesn't mean I do not believe in the collective human experience and how much it means to all of us, in whatever realm or guise it presents itself.


With that in mind, if you've got a few minutes...

First, punch this up and start listening:

Then, start reading the following, which begins like this:

"Late last Thursday afternoon you could find me in my usual place, running on the treadmill at the downtown Y.
Running and crying. Not weeping but more than a little bit teary eyed.
I blame my son.  Earlier in the week he recommended I listen to an American Life podcast, a recent live one with stories and pieces from a list of greats like the two Davids, Sedaris and Rakoff..."

And then, when you're done go out (or in) and do what you love doing most.....


Image at top of post is of David Rakoff, still dancing after all these years.....Sorry Ian, couldn't find an image of the precise scene of your triumphant run, although I know the area well...



karen said...

I love this blog. I agree with you about most things political and you always have an interesting perspective.
And when the world is a crappy place and I begin to despair, you write something lovely and touching about the people you love so much, and I remember that that is what matters most.
You are a blessing, Mr K

RossK said...

Oh my.

Thanks Karen.

I very much enjoy your blog also.