Monday, June 25, 2012

David Basi Confirms That...


Update: At bottom of post

...The 'memo written to file' that Alex Tsakumis posted late last night was, indeed, written by Mr. Basi himself (Update late Monday: sorry for the grammatical error earlier that might have led to some incorrect assumptions about authorship).

CKNW has the story:

One of the two men convicted in the BC Rail case is confirming, an October 2003 memo leaked online through a local blog was written by him.
But, as Dave Basi told Simi Sara, there's not much else he can say....


I have written about other memos, in another context, before.

I'll have more to say more specifically in the current context of the thing, later.

Why can't Mr. Basi say more?.....Well, he is claiming that there is, indeed, a gag order rider on the Six Million Dollar Br......errrrr....Deal (see link to 'NW story, above)...
Update late Monday: Michael Smyth, in The Province, also confirms that Mr. Basi wrote the memo and that he stands behind its contents...



Grant G said...

We need to stop Patrick Kinsella from his continued Grand Theft Province?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

If the experienced backbone of the federal Liberal party is as willfully compromised as Clark, which it surely is, it is no wonder they are reaching for Justin Trudeau to be their leader. If they were any more compromised they would be reaching out to Justin Bieber.

bewlay said...

Seems the last deal is null and void, so maybe the horse-men can turn over a rock again and offer another deal to E.B. This guy can be counted on to talk for a price.
Squeeze those gonads, and let him sing!

Anonymous said...

Off Topic

but thought you should know

"The Federal Court of Canada has issued an important decision involving copyright and posting content online. The case involves a lawsuit launched by Richard Warman and the National Post against Mark and Constance Fournier, who run the FreeDominion website. Warman and the National Post sued the site over the appearance of two articles and an inline link to photograph that appeared on the forum. The court dismissed all three claims." - Michael Geist

kootcoot said...

"Seems the last deal is null and void, so maybe the horse-men can turn over a rock again and offer another deal to E.B."

Excuse my ignorance, but who is E.B.

Mr. Beer and Hockey, thanks for the mind picture. The sad thing is Justin Bieber would be a better P.M. than Harper, so would Michael Jackson and he's dead, but neither would do the harm to Canada as the current illegitimate pretender to the Dick-Tater-Ship!

kootcoot said...

Now I really feel ignorant, since I went to your older linked post re:memos, I realize who E.B. is. Now if the commenter had just said Mr. Too Many N's - I woulda caught on immediately.

The sainted Ms. Mackie (BC Mary) used to often chide me for using what I felt were obvious and humorous nicknames for players in the criminal exercises we call governing in BeeCee and C-eh-A-eh-N-eh-A-eh-D-eh-A-eh, feeling that some folks wouldn't understand. Here I am hoist on my own petard, by simple initials............