Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday Night's Alright For Uke Without Cover Fighting!

I've been aware of Myles O'Reilly's stuff for awhile now.

First it was his music, but more recently it has been his filmography of people making music that has caught my attention.

And earlier this week the following, which is an account of a recent tour of Lisa Hannigan and Friends, floated down like cherry blossoms and settled gently in my inbox.

Personally, I don't think that sublime is too strong a descriptor.

(stay to the end for the Uke, you won't be disappointed)

Ms. Hannigan and Friends are coming to the Left Coast and will be making their way up the Cascadia Road very soon...The closest they will get to Lotuslandia is Seattle next Sunday... 
And don't forget....He who, amongst other things, 'Hails Satan!' occasionally, Mr. Mountain Goat John Darnielle, will be here next Friday...He will then head down the Cascadia Road...Please note, the Lotusland show is the only one that is NOT yet sold out (and, no, you can't have my ticket)...
As always, Uke PegHead at the top of the post, courtesy of Los Angeles photo-maven extraordinare Ellen Bloom...
Interested in previous Uke Saturday nights?...You can find a few of them here...


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