Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How's That 'Gobbledygook' Lookin' Now Ms. Clark?


"The NDP talk their gobbledygook but, really, that's what they mean. They want less economic development."

And of course, The Snook is also hiding behind 'hearings' and the 'evidence' they will bury....errrr...trumpet.

Meanwhile, outside the bubble, deep in the heart of  Realityville where real things happen to real people because of real policies that have absolutely nothing to do with meaningless Photo-Ops....

CALGARY, Alberta, June 19 (Reuters) - Enbridge Inc on Tuesday closed a major Alberta pipeline that transports oil sands-derived crude after a spill at a pump station, the second oil leak to foul regions of the Canadian province in under two weeks.

Enbridge, Canada's second-largest pipeline company, said it was forced to turn off its 345,000 barrel-a-day Athabasca pipeline after an estimated 1,400 barrels of oil leaked from a piece of equipment at station near the northeast Alberta town of Elk Point on Monday.

It restarted the pipeline after shutting off the station, bypassing it and beginning cleanup, but closed it down again on Tuesday after the Alberta Energy Resources Conservation Board ordered it to do so, the firm said...

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Anonymous said...

I don't get it. If I was a company pushing a very controversial new pipeline, I would take extra steps to make damn sure that incidents like this did not happen with any of my pipelines. If Enbridge cannot avoid any "significant" spills when they are arguably more "under the microscope" with respect to their operations, it sure makes one wonder what they'll do when the "public eye" on their activities is less intense.

Nevermind the fact that every one of these incidents further illustrates how their claims about the safety of pipilines and how great their practices are in avoiding spills ring hollow (at about as loud a volume as one can imagine).

Even their supporters surely must be privately asking them what the hell they are doing and demanding that they get their act together.