Wednesday, June 06, 2012

What Do We Want...A Coast Guardsperson's Salary For A Year, Or...


....A Photo Of Airshow?

And no, I kid you not.

Colin Horgan has the story in iPolitics. Here is his lede:

The defence minister’s photo op with a model F-35 cost the Canadian taxpayer just over $47,000, according to the government.
In an answer to an order paper question put forth by Liberal MP John McKay, Minister of Defence Peter MacKay’s office tallied the July 16, 2010 announcement that Canada would purchase 65 F-35 fighter jets at $47,313.
“For a government that preaches constraint, it seems a little extreme,” the Liberal MP told iPolitics Tuesday. “But we want to have our hero shot, and our hero shot cost 47 thousand bucks. So there we are.”...

Makes Ronnie Wood's Mom look like a piker.


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Saskboy said...

It's important for Ministers to play with paper airplanes.