Friday, June 15, 2012

Will The Dean's Inside Dope...


...Give Anybody The Munchies?

Why do I ask?

Because it sure as heckfire isn't going to actually explain anything that actually matters.

Case in point, yesterday's column in which he tells us, based on double-super-secret probationary inside dope from a Dipper, that the (not) Premier actually wanted to do the right thing, but her Party and Caucus talked her out of it:

...Why did Clark abandon the scenario (of dumping the HST and calling a snap election) that she herself had crafted?

The first plausible answer I’ve heard on that score came from a senior member of the New Democratic Party.

He said that new NDP leader Adrian Dix fully expected Clark to kill the HST and call an snap election because she had said she would and it was also what Dix would have done in her situation.

Why didn’t she? “She made a terrible mistake.” Which was? “She talked it over with her cabinet and caucus, and they talked her out of it.”

If that sounds like NDP spin, consider what Clark herself said in a recent interview with Brian Hutchinson of the National Post:

“I wanted to dispose of this HST issue more quickly. I suggested we take it to the legislature and vote the HST out of existence. I was convinced we were going to lose the referendum ... I thought, let’s get the HST out of the way, and then let’s have an election.”

Why didn’t she go that route?

“In those first few months I travelled in every corner of the province, and I talked to B.C. Liberals everywhere ... Every single B.C. Liberal I met said, ‘Christy, just don’t call an election. Don’t do it.’ My caucus said, ‘Please, don’t do it.’ ... I listened. I took their advice.”...


With a set-up like that you would think that the Dean would go for the jugular and ask why a chancer like Ms. Clark would do such a thing.

Was it because she thought it was the 'right' thing to do?

Or, was it because she figured it was the politically 'expedient' thing to do?

Personally, based on her track record of serial expediency I'd be willing to take short odds on the latter.

As for the Dean?

Well, as seems to be his wont of late, he hedges:

...(S)he chose not to trust her own instincts and instead deferred to the bunch whose collective wisdom had put the government on the road to ruin...

All of which has me scratching my head wondering...

What, exactly, is the point of all this?

Is he saying, maybe, that the latest long, slow twisting fall in the polls is all the LINO's fault (i.e. rather than Ms. Clark's)?

If so, why does that even matter?


Of course, the flipside question to all of this, which really does matter, is....Why did so many capos, cronies with their hands out, and apparatchik's wrapped in think tank rags NOT want Ms. Clark to call a snap election a year ago?....Well....If one has been paying attention the answer to that one is pretty much self-evident (which does not in any way diminish its importance)...



Anonymous said...

I think between PAB and the higher paid pro-spin meisters picking over every word he has lost his nuts. So we get see-saw reporting/editorial.
This guy seems so aghast at being questioned no wonder he rarely allows comments. He sure had his blog closed for a long time…hmmmm…, was it because he didn't want the comments = accountability...? Looks pretty bad in any case…

Anyway I hope he is enjoying life with his new boss, Fazil Alberto Mihlar Gonzales...

Ed Seedhouse said...

I can certainly confirm that the NDP expected a quick call for an election from Christy. As a (very) small time party insider I know for a fact the preparations were under way for dealing with the expected call. But the drop of the writ never came.

kootcoot said...

In Egypt the insiders use the court to quash the election with undesired results, here they just delay the election until they've finished stealin' all the silverware and furniture they can haul away.......
I'm sure that some folks are giving thought to the scenario that Norm suggested, as desperate as it may be, choosing the Clueless Wonder for preem was pretty desperate to begin with, but good in that she brings BC Rail baggage with her, no matter how free she feels of HST stain.

Actually the HST stain is pretty well the only thing she can even pretend to claim immunity about. She is in like a dirty shirt with most of the other cronyistic and corrupt failed policies of the BC liaRs.

RossK said...

Interesting points Anon-At-The-Top, thanks.




We all knew that, which I guess is my real point. Sometimes, those who live and die by their perceived super-special access to insider info forget what which we on the outside already perceive as self-evident.

It was the same with the HST.


Hadn't thought of it that way (free of the HST stain). Interesting to ponder....