Thursday, June 07, 2012

Is Dean Del Mastro The Only Conservative Taken To Small Claims Court By...


...The Holinshed Research Group?

Turns out the answer, at least according to a report from Kady O'Malley last fall is....


Here is Kady O's flying-thumbed lede from back in the day:

Pop quiz: What is, as far as I can tell, the only political polling firm to qualify for stimulus funding under Canada's Economic Action! Plan? 

Step forward, Holinshed Research Group, the Ottawa-based firm that is likely better known, if at all, as the complainant behind that now-settled small claims lawsuit against erstwhile Ontario PC leadership candidate Randy Hillier. 

Back in 2009, at the very same time that Holinshed was entangled in what appear to have been increasingly acrimonious contract negotiations with the Hillier campaign, it received $125,000 from the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario -- a non-repayable loan to develop a sophisticated get-out-the-vote mapping application that was specifically designed to help local candidates win elections.....

Perhaps even more interesting to note is the fact that one of the fine fellows behind 'Holinshed' has strong ties to various factions of the Conservatives that stretch back to the Alliance/NotQuiteReform days and, who'd a thunk it, the very fine, and finely democratic, Mr. Preston Manning.

Here's more from Ms. O'Malley:

...Holinshed Research Group has strong ties to both the federal and provincial Conservative Parties. Not only did co-founder Frank Hall serve as Atlantic policy advisor to then-opposition leader Preston Manning, but he even carried the Canadian Alliance banner in a Newfoundland byelection in 2000...

Imagine that!

(need a little more background?....You can find it, here. .....Saskboy's also on the story, with some good digging, background, and linkage here...)

Big tip of of the Lotuslandian rain-soaked bike helmut to Beijing York on this one.
Oh, and for those in the know...Please feel free to let us know just what, precisely, a 'non-repayable loan' is....Thanks.



Beijing York said...

It synonymous to grant or non-repayable contribution. To throw in the word loan is to distance this government giveaway to businesses from those grants and contributions given to the arts and non-profits.

Had Harper's Canada Action Plan actually used grants in their PR literature, it might have gotten some of the anti-corporate welfare camps riled up. Economic stimulus through direct grants to Harper-friendly businesses is Harper's preferred choice as opposed to direct employment subsidies that require actual job creation.

Saskboy said...

Could the small claims court trail be used to find candidates who didn't pay bills because they overspent and didn't want a paper trail to confirm they used too much money?