Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Can The People Of Wisconsin Beat The Money?


The attempt to recall the Koch Brothers' man in Wisconsin, Scott Walker, ends today.

According to the WaPo, Mr. Walker outspent his opponent, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett,  7 to 1.

And most of that sevenfold advantage for Mr. Walker came from outside the state, thanks to the Citizens United Supreme Court decision that struck down an 1905 Wisconsin ban on corporate campaign contributions.

Now, if you want hard numbers, you can get them from the Center for Public Integrity, which is reporting total expenditures of $63.5 million which is a record for total spending on any election in the Cheesehead State by more than $25 million.

All of which means that if Walker wins today, there can be no doubt that an extra $50 million or so in corporate chump-change sure can buy a lot in the Excited States these days.

Which is sobering to consider as the same heavies who threw a little dough Mr. Walker's way, unfettered, are now lining up to give Mittens $1 billion for the upcoming fall Tee-Vee sweeps....errrrrr.....Federal Election.

But if Mr. Barrett wins?




West End Bob said...

My sister's working the polls today and my nephew's been very active in the anti-walker movement.

We're wishing them and all Wisconsinites "Good Luck" . . . .

RossK said...

Good luck to them Bob--

If it happens it will be due to the (real) volunteers GOTV efforts.

And, according to The Guardian's early reports, it looks like turnout is high....fingers crossed.

(of course, if the ManKochian Candidate prevails this will be painted as a big 'loss' for labour and the money trail aspect of the story will be buried)