Sunday, June 24, 2012

We're Pretty Sure Their Teeth Will Be Gleaming And Their Eyes Will Shine Bright, But...


....Will Their Shirts Be Brown?


Update: At bottom of post

Michael Smyth had the story (handed to him?), this morning, in The Province:

If you happen to spot roving packs of young people searching high and low through the streets of your town this summer, don't panic - they might not be looking to start a riot or swarm some poor wimp to steal his iPod....

They could simply be gangs of fresh-faced young Christy Clark fans, out to show the world the B.C. Liberal Party isn't dead just yet.
What will these perky political whippersnappers be seeking?...


So, starting today, young Liberals will fan out across the province, looking behind every tree and under every rock, in their desperate safari search for the NDP's hidden agenda....

{snippety doo-dah}

The Liberal Party's summer interns - eager young university students all crazy for Christy - came up with the idea, will lead the search and post their findings online...

And, of course, another smear site has also been set up set up.

(what's wrong, other ones aren't working?)



One of the interesting things about all of this is that the spokesmodel who rolled this codswallop out to the good Mr. Smyth was not some young Rolfe from 'The Sound Of Music'.

Instead, it was the BC Liberal Party's middle-aged and well-connected Herr Zeller, who once did his part to both elect and then pump-up-the media volume for Spam-A-Lot:

..."They'll be looking for Adrian Dix's policy platform - it's gotta be out there somewhere," explains Mike McDonald, the Liberals' top election strategist...

{snippety doodle-dandy}

..."You'll see pictures of them on the Peak 2 Peak Gondola in Whistler, checking behind the 'Welcome to Salmon Arm' sign - anywhere and everywhere."...

{snippety doodle-dandier}

...(Mr. Smyth's) own take? The campaign is a bit too cheesy, the pictures on the website are Photoshopped fakes ("for illustrative purposes - real ones are coming," the Liberals promise), and the captions are badly written ("We wasted our time-o in Nanaimo looking for Dix's plan". . . ugh)....


Perhaps Herr McDonald does have something in common with Rolfe, after all, in that he refuses to see the real Liesl, who is most definitely not being played by Julia-Louis Dreyfus in this one (which is not to say that the producers/wizards behind the real curtain have not already cast Ms. Clark to suddenly start playing 16, going on 17) hiding right there in front of him behind the crpyts in his own party's graveyard scene.

Stay tuned.

Pushback against this chapter in the endless songbook of lameyosity that these people are constantly re-writing  looks like it might turn out to be fun.

Or, more likely, not.

Interesting, don'cha think that they would go to Smyth with this thing this particular weekend, eh?....Tryin' to do a little CLBC channel-changin' perhaps....Again, as I said above, lameyosity pure and simple....Any takers on short odds that it will show up on at least one of the Watercarrier-In-Chiefs' shows by tomorrow?
Update: 4:15pm Sunday afternoon....Well, well, well...Turns out that we were off by a full 18 hours...Grant G., in the comments, reports that Herr Zeller was on with the first Watercarrier, Mr. Leslie, this very day...And guess what...The Rolfe-Lites twisting the dials (ie. running the Twitter feed) back at Christy-Control are actually bragging about it!.....Btw for those who are into these things the hashing place for laughin' yourself silly at the lameness be #hiddenplan....Genius, I tell 'ya....Pure genius!



Anonymous said...

Speaking of hidden agendas...

Here's the one CC doesn't want you to see

Grant G said...

Watercarrier you say..Sean Leslie is Having Mike McDonald on AIR Today(Sunday 24th)

Sean Leslie, hmmm...His wife does indeed work for the BC Liberal communications department..


Grant G said...

Mike MacDonald was on the first segment with Sean Leslie..3:10 to 3:300 pm..

Our good friend Fred..err, I mean bitter Brian made an appearance too.


RossK said...

I'm on it Grant.


(looks like I lost my own bet with myself - in reverse...but it does make the point that Mr. Smyth's column this morning was very likely handed to him as a channel changer)


Eleanor Gregory said...

Maybe Mike McDonald and Christy Clark are trying to recreate their time on the road prior to the 1991 provincial election when they traveled the province looking for people to vote Liberal...oops wrong word.

Don F. said...

Reminds me of the Monty Python movie{holy grail?]Where the middle ages soldier is on the ground, just a torso, his arms and legs chopped off, mouthing off, c'mon wanna fight wanna fight?

RossK said...

Nice image Don!

Eleanor...Anybody else from the 'young' Liberals of the time of note on that 1991 province-wide tour also?


Anonymous said...

Ross, Ross,

I'm excited I found the NDP's hidden agenda!

It's a secret plan called good open honest government for the people! And not corporate global governance! That's why the lib's are spooked people are ready for that change.