Saturday, June 09, 2012

Killing BC Hydro: Do The Cronies With Their Boots On Her Neck Even Care?



Hydro is bleeding billions.

Of course, a hand-picked Campbell/Clark/Crony government blue-ribbon panel said it it's all because Hydro needs higher rates and more austerity - particularly as it pertains to executive compensation and, especially, worker productivity.

And yet, the real issue is the fact that Hydro is being forced to pay the Cronies egregiously huge piles of money to keep raping our rivers and streams to produce power we don't need and can't sell.

To anybody.

And yet, The Dean just yawns and tells us how the best laid plans just kinda/sorta fell apart for reasons nobody, especially those in the thrall and/or employ of the Cronies, could have ever foreseen.

Meanwhile, the rest of the proMedia barely peeps.

And the not Premier goes on CKNW with her weekly radio address to tell us that she is making everything better for us all by having a bank holiday in February while she is simultaneously makes it harder for poor people to occasionally (ie. when they don't have the cash) skip-out on half of the $10 fare it costs them to get to work and back everyday if they happen live on the wrong side of the river.


Norman Farrell is right.

It is up to us, the amateurs, to get the important stories out there.

Because the great majority of the pros that are still in the employ in the corpmedia either just can't see those stories for what they really are anymore.


Their editors will not let them.


As much as I really, really like being a total free agent I have come to the conclusion that what we need around here is a real 'people's aggregator'.

Not just to garner hits and eyeballs to make money through the co-optation of real news and analysis by nipple-slip sightings of real and/or imaginary Vancouver Housewives by the next junior Arianna Huffington wanna be.

But instead to provide a place where the stuff that really matters, viewed from the perspective of folks that have proven themselves to be honest brokers, can be easily accessed by those around here that want to find it.

Which means that I'm talking about a site run by volunteers that gathers, curates, and yes, perhaps even edits!, all the good stuff that pops up regularly in the local Lotuslandian Bloggodome.

All run by amateurs with day jobs just trying to do the right thing.

Which means no business models.




Ron S. said...

If you do I will be one that will read it daily! Give it a try please! We need a different perspective for our news.

North Van's Grumps said...

And for those who don't "reside" in Lotuslandian ...... where are the boundaries?

Chris said...

Me too

Anonymous said...

Yes , please ,I`ll have some of that ! A great community service ! It would be my first read of the day . Thanks ,bloggers ,keep up the good work!

Don F. said...

Lately I have been soo angry.
Angry beyond just angry, I have been outright pissed about the things we all know should be at the forefront on the news and never a word!It seems to go beyond rediculous. They make such a big thing about a single fish that after weeks of trying they finally catch and dispose of. Meanwhile our assets are being sold off in droves, BC hydro can't produce it's own power and not a word!
I ask how can a handfull of people steal what rightfully belongs to millions and do it so blatantly and shamelessly without fear of retribution and the only thing i can see is that they feel safe that no-one will ever expose their deeds.
Shame on those who pretend to be the keepers of the good, the keepers of the truth, the watchers for the people.
It is indeed time to respond to the lack of reporting of deeds and facts and to do it in a much more accessable and united manner. I don't want to be angry anymore I want to be doing something to end this pathetic situation.
I am behind this 100%!!!

Anonymous said...

Count me in and put me to work. Yeah, I'm in France, but that just means I can have stuff ready for those who want to read with their morning coffee and have stuff to talk about at the watercooler ;)


RossK said...

Thanks all.

Cigar tube climbing in, again, this morning.

I'll get back to you all.

(and start thinking about how to build a non-subsription wailing-wall - ha!)

Anonymous said...

Very much in agreement.
There needs to be a way to break through the MSM "bread and circuses" distractions in ways that allow the general public to see what is really going on.
While I respect each of the many bloggers who have been carrying the load of trying to keep the public informed on the many issues of the day, I think that any attempt to aggregate into something like a volunteer Tyee arrangement will need to be very focused. By this I mean contributors/editors would need to try to speak to Joe Q Public in plain language, with reasoned arguments and referenced backgrouding, on the major topics that everyone can see are critical to this province's future. I think sometimes bloggers lose their audience by trying to address too many issues. I think one of the reasons the HST fight succeeded was because the simple messages that folks could understand were repeated and repeated and people "got" them...messages need to be pared down to allow for "sound bite" communication - in this fast-paced world it's how a lot of the public at least get "drawn-in" to look more closely at an issue/concern.
Just my thoughts.

Warren White
Gordon Head

Anonymous said...

Canadians are certainly living in evil times. Especially since, Harper's so called majority. We are no longer proud to be Canadians, because of Harper. Our country has been befouled and disgraced.

BC holds the record for, the most corrupt province in Canada. The media in BC, are propaganda machines for the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals.

Christy has a gag order on the media sheep. They are not to report on...the massive die off of, in river Salmon.

I remember how the media worked for Campbell and Harper, during the Fight HST BC.

There has been a mountain of lies in BC. A site run by volunteer's, doing the right thing....they will hear our cheers, right up to the Muir space Station.

motorcycleguy said...

Maybe a few cheap copies could be printed out and I stop by the local Skytrain station on the way to work and hand them out. "There comes a time when silence is betrayal"....speaks to the MSM and their editors. Enough of the left, right, centre, up or down crap...there are many from all political persuasions that agree on regaining our province for future generations.

RossK said...

Thanks again everybody.

I'm back.

Will be contacting those that expressed interest.

If you want in, send me a message at:

pacific gazette (all one word) at yahoo dot canuckistan (the two letter version)