Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Litigious British Ex-Con


Update: At bottom of post

From the pages of the evil TorStar, as written up by the minions of the even more evil Mayor Bloomberg:

Conrad Black, the former Hollinger International Inc. chairman found guilty of fraud and obstruction of justice, is suing the U.S. in a bid to cancel the convictions.
Black, 67, argued Monday today in papers filed in federal court in Chicago that prosecutors’ seizure of nearly $9 million in proceeds from his sale of a Manhattan apartment in 2005 prevented him from hiring the defence counsel of his choice, violating his constitutional rights....

Can someone remind me, again, why the fine Lord of Cross Harbour was allowed back in the country still gets so much media play in the country he once disavowed?

Please note: The strike out above was made after a commenter took me to the woodshed, and I reconsidered for 'There but the grace of the Flying Spaghetti Monster go I'-type reasons....Well, that and the fact that they know how to throw around the term 'capricious' with abandon.
Update: Mr. Oberfeld wonders about another privilege, other than residency, that has been bestowed upon the good Lord by the people of Canada.



Anonymous said...

Well maybe because he was born here and has completed his sentence (paid his debt to society). Any continued punishment is arbitrary and capricious in my view, whether or not I like his politics or snobbish' vocabulary.

RossK said...


Awww geez.

I see your point.

Better change post.

(although regarding debts and stuff...there just might be a few pensioners 'round these here parts that might suggest differently, purely in a humanitarian rather than legal sense of the term, of course)


Anonymous said...

The British Criminal Lord Black started young selling exams to fellow students.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Conrad Black who gave up his Canadian citizenship so he could be come a member of the British House of Lords and have his ego stroked?