Thursday, June 21, 2012

What Is A Watercarrier To Do When His Trusty Bucket...

...Is So Full Of Holes That He Can No Longer Find A Drop To Drink?

Why, rely on the highly rigourous practice of doing your own quick 'streeter' to find out what all the people really think, of course.

And, yes, we're talking about Global TeeVee's Mr. Keith Baldrey, 'writing' in the Surrey Now:

...(P)olls aside, I'm struck at the near-visceral negative reactions Clark gets from many people. We did some person-on-the-street interviews at Global BC this past week, and when we asked for opinions of Clark as premier the response was rather startling.

The people we talked to were harshly critical, and almost mocking of her leadership. She was seen as being in over her head, lacking vision or a game plan and being interested more in political gamesmanship than actually being a leader...

And then, when the time for faux analysis comes, why would we expect Mr. Baldrey to do anything less than to fallback on a patently preposterous straw (wo)man:

...I'm not entirely sure why she (Ms. Clark) sparks such emotional and negative reactions in people.

 The fact she's a woman is no doubt a factor with some people (female political leaders seem to be judged more harshly than their male counterparts).

As unfair as that is, the truth is that female politicians will always be battling sexist attitudes...


If Mr. Baldrey can't see the codswallop right in front of his nose for what it really is, maybe he should go to an official Christy and Co. video and watch, for example, what really started the 'incident' with Richie-Rich Branson.

The money shot, or 'joke' as it were, from the woman politician who is, according to Mr. Baldrey, 'battling sexist attitudes' can be found right off the top. It goes like this:

"...I wanna say...I was so happy when your (pause)... (Virgin) plane landed on our tarmac... (turns head, bats eyes at Richie-Rich)... for the very first time..."


Perhaps I'm wrong.

After all it could be, I suppose, that Mr. Baldrey actually knows that, in his heart of hearts, he too has always been a Filapina.




Anonymous said...

It seems every time she opens her mouth, it's more jobs & more people working. If you add all the times she's repeated that comment, BC's unemployment rate should be ZERO. Who is she kidding ?

Guy in Victoria

Eleanor Gregory said...

The same Baldry opinion piece was also in the Wednesday Courier. Seems he has become a regular feature.

Don F. said...

I'm sure the people on the street are just giving their honest assesment of what they see. Why Mr. Baldry deems it necessary to question that and look for underlying alternative reasons such as she is a woman is totally bogus.
If Christy Clarke is generally seen by the public as incompetent the only reason is that she has shown that public that she is incmompetent.End of story!

e.a.f. said...

Keith doesn't understand??????

Keith must have suffered a brain injury of some sort. People dislike/hate CC because she not only lied & cheated but she has only made B.C. a worse place to live.

when CC came to "office" she had an opportunity to do the right thing. She didn't.

Women don't like her because she isn't professional. Simple as that. I don't believe she is being "judged" more harshly than a male politician. She is being judged on what she has & hasn't done.

She increased the min. wage but she did nothing about the mess at Community Living. People see that on t.v. & it makes them sick. Given the majority of care givers in these situations are the mothers. Other women look at the situations & know they too could be the one having to carry that load. It scares the sh2t out of them.

B.C. has the highest rate of child poverty in Canada, 8 yrs running. The majority of these families are headed by women. nothing is being done to deal with this, so there is another group of women who don't like CC.

Hospitals are so dirty people are dying in them from diseases they picked up in the hospital. I know of serval cases where family members (the women) went in & cleaned the beds & surrounding areas. there is another group who don't like CC.

CC is creating more & more problems with the teachers. That angers not only women but men. People who are concerned about education is another group CC has made very unhappy. I'm one of them & I don't have kids.

Grant G said...

Mr. K...Thanks for putting a smiley on my face..

Good Day

Anonymous said...

Baldry has become a household joke. He is just another propaganda stooge for Christy. He is laughable, and doesn't see how he ridicules himself. I'm actually embarrassed for him. What a disgrace he is to his profession.

I am also in disbelief. William Corbet of Elections Canada, investigating the robo-call cheat election fraud. Well, he suddenly resigned. Harper installed one of his own boys in Elections Canada, Yves Cote. Harper was desperately trying to quash the robo-call cheat investigation....Seems he succeeded.

Harper has also installed, two new Conservative judges. The Etioboke Center election, was declared null and void by the judge. What are the odds, one of Harper's new judges hears Moritz' appeal???

Anonymous said...

She looks like she just found a new dildo and is trying to figure out what the wings do.

Anonymous said...

Lol.. great post RossK, especially loved the last line of Baldrey being a filipina summed up everything wrong with Clark... and the cheerleaders still shish-boom-ba-ing her leadership.