Thursday, June 21, 2012

Government By Talk Show.


Well, well, well.

Whaddy'a know.

According to The Snook there were no raises for CLBC executives who got their bonuses back in salary because, well....

Because, as 'NW reported earlier today:

Premier Christy Clark is blaming "semantics" for the controversy over pay raises given to executives at Community Living BC....

{snippety doo-dah}

...But Clark told reporters today the bonuses were really salary hold-backs that were tied to incentives.

She says the incentives have been eliminated, and the hold-back amounts were simply rolled back into the executives' salaries.

Clark says the base salaries have not changed and there were no raises

Don't know about you, but...

The only thing rolling back 'round here right now are our eyes.

And, just in case you have forgotten what really went down at CLBC last year that resulted in the 'holding back' of the 'roll back' to those fine executives that is not a 'raise', semantically speaking....Well, it was something real, and it was something that was really, really bad for the most vulnerable amongst us that really do no need our help most.



Roy said...

Crusty Clark is so full of s--t, that every time she opens her mouth all that comes out is bulls--t. Are her handlers that full of themselves that they think that people can t see through them. I guess this is what they meant, about transparency. What a crock of crap. New nick name for Christy, Crock of Crap Cristy.

Don F. said...

yes they are making more but their base salary hasn't changed so I don't see a problem right? If their base salary changed and they made more that would be a problem right right!

***You just alway have to realize who is speaking folks an adjust your mind to compensate.

Anonymous said...

I understand the logic in the govenment's thinking on this. Technically, what she says is correct.

However, what the government failed to do was to address the crux of the problem that led to the bonuses being an issue in the first place, i.e. the bonuses were being paid for "satisfactory" performance and in the eyes of most (all?) the performance of CLBC was (and continues to be) far from satisfactory.

Lew said...

If you get $100 to paint a fence and the gate, but only $90 if you don’t paint the gate, and then suddenly get the $100 without having to paint the gate; you got a raise.

Anonymous said...

What great day in the morning, have the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals ever been honest about anything?

They all work for Harper. Campbell thieved and sold everything of value in this province. His ministers and Christy, all supported Campbell for thieving and selling the the priceless Real Estate, that went with it. Christy is still supporting the, BC HST scam of Campbell and Harper's.

The CLBC is far from the only service, that rips off our tax payers dollars. It is far from the first of Christy's lies either. The the CLBC are thieving the people, who need those services the worst, is shameful and unforgivable.

The BC Liberals thieve, while our BC children go hungry. So much for Christy's family's first. So much for the people, who desperately need the services of the CLBC.

Anonymous said...

it is interesting that when one reads the comments on the CKNW site re this is the number of negative responses to CC. The very few supporters of CC have little or no positive comments to make but go mega-negative on the NDP. And these folks actually believe what the Liberals have done to the economy of BC is a good thing? Loot, pillage and rape of assets and resources is positive for our citizens?