Monday, June 25, 2012

CLBC Bafflegab Continues...Won't You Listen To What The Snook Says?


Guess what.

According to Ms. Christy Clark, the fact that both the media and the public have become outraged at the lies her government spread last fall regarding their stated intent to end the executive bonuses at Community Living BC was caused by....

Wait for it....


You've got it now...

The real perpetrators were...

The NDP.

Here is Ms. Clark, in her own words, on CKNW yesterday:

CKNW: "Are you going to fire Minister Cadieux over this?"
CLARK: "Oh no! I mean, she's been out there talking about the real facts of this ever since this happened... I think the Opposition should probably take a fair amount of responsibility for having tried to mislead people about what was really happening... and I think Stephanie really did her best to make sure that she got the real information out there... and we have!"


Just to be absolutely clear about the extent of the continuing bald-faced obfuscation here, the following is the lede of the BC Government press release on this matter dated Oct 21, 2011. To the best of our knowledge it was NOT written by Adrian Dix or anyone on his staff:

VICTORIA - Minister of Social Development Stephanie Cadieux spoke with the Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) board chair, who agreed to end the variable pay compensation system, which provides incentive plan performance bonuses at CLBC. 

In a people-first organization like CLBC, an incentive plan performance based on targets and measures is, quite simply, not appropriate. The CLBC board had been looking into making a change, so when Minister Cadieux requested the variable compensation program be terminated as quickly as possible, the chair promised to raise the issue with the board as a priority matter.

Ending CLBC's variable pay compensation system is another indication of government's commitment to ensuring that CLBC is providing the best possible services and supports to the individuals and families that it serves...


Is it possible that Madame (not) Premier has been standing too close to the Helijet exhaust pipes again?

All snark and incredulity aside, the real issue here is that  Ms. Clark has continued to fluff for the press and accuse everyone and anyone who has tried  to get to the bottom of the matter of playing 'games', or worse. And, please do not forget, this is not some trivial 'gotcha' story given that the entire thing arose because Ms. Clark's government, and her government alone, was treating the most vulnerable amongst truly abominably....



Anonymous said...

Mr. K,

The bald faced lying that has been going on at the provincial and federal level makes me think that treasonous, heartless, mean spirited people have taken over my country Canada. Harper is on record stating he dislikes Canada and all it stands for. Will Clark be next?

kootcoot said...

The thing nobody seems to mention is just what the so called bonus inducing "targets" actually might have been, though I suspect that they were measured by cost cutting. When the evil not-Premier's predecessor re-organized the health care system into regional "health authorities" the previously unnecessary executive scum were offered bonuses based on the savings they could find. Here in what I prefer to call the Inferior Health Authority, my health provider (fortunately I'm pretty healthy on my own - but deal with them often for someone else) execs received the greatest amount of "performance based" extra booty, it is amazing how "productive" closing entire hospitals (in Kimberley and Castlegar) and reducing others to the equivalent of first aid stations can be in the fantasy world of the LIEberal fiscal management (lack of) brain trust.

By this sort of reasoning they theoretically would have been most productive if they had simply closed every hospital in the region and dedicated all the savings realized from shutting down all the hospitals and firing all the medical and support staff to bonuses and just mailing the money to the executive drones.

The Hospital (or what used to be a hospital) in Castlegar, that used to be managed by a small locally elected board, is now filled with offices for the bloated appointed and unproductive IHA managers and executives, who actually are rewarded for cutting service and thus saving money that can be then re-directed to themselves......sweet gig if you are sociopathic enough to participate and still be able to sleep at night.

Grant G said...

In my opinion..The bosses, the administrators, BC liberal Government wouldn`t dare cut their pay or they talk, they tell what they were ordered to do, cut, slash, abuse the weakest among us..

Paying BC Rail executives for years years when they had no trains come to mind..And or paying David Hahn $1.1 million per year ...

Money does indeed buy silence.

Anonymous said...

Canada has become a deep abyss, full of corruption, greed, lies, deceit, thefts, dirty tactics, dirty politics and cheating to win.

Campbell twice lied to be re-elected. Christy had the opportunity to clean this province up. However, she chose to carry on with Campbell's vile corruption.

Christy also had the opportunity, to clean up the BC HST scam. Instead Christy chose to work with Harper, just as Campbell did.

Bonuses to CEO's, to cheat the people from the services, we pay through the nose for is, the theft of the BC citizens tax dollars. The BCCL deserves no bonuses, for cheating the people who desperately need those services.

Anonymous said...

That's a good point kootcoot - about bonuses.

If you get a bonus based on the dollars you have saved the company, then those dollars saved go into your pocket. But what if the company is a hospital? Money saved more than likely means cut services, so the bonus loonies make noise in your pocket are dollars taken from someone's health service! How can that be the way of good governance? How have we gotten so debased?

If anything, bonuses need to be given for lives saved, or health barometers, or longevity, or healthy births or ... the possibilities are only limited by our own greed.

e.a.f. said...

Bonuses are how the lieberals encouraged burocrats to do their bidding. All of these "boards" are established to seperate the governmetn from their evil deeds. I do not expect much to change during the tenure of the lieberals.

if they simply fired all the executives in the health authorities & just went back to the previous sytem we would save a bomb. I'd just love to be able to add up how much all these "health" authorities, CL boards, etc. are all costing the taxpayers of this province. they do not provide any services to those they are supposed to.

If it weren't for the bloggers most of us would never know what was going on because the msm isn't about to tell the public either.

Health care in this province seems to be more like hurry up & die, it will save us money.

kootcoot said...

"Health care in this province seems to be more like hurry up & die, it will save us money."

And I (I'm the CEO of the Inferior Health Authority) NEED THE BONUS!

With out one iota of exaggeration, I can confidently claim that health care policies crafted by the Campbelloids have KILLED people in the Kootenays. With little research I could even list specific cases, but I don't really have the time, though there are instances in my mind I would just have to look up the names and dates, but the details and facts are clear.

If the facts were any clearer, people could be charged with homicide, manslaughter or negligent homicide at least. But as with everything else they've soiled or thieved with their touch, plausible deniability has always been created and so far has held up.

I'm confident lotsa LIEberals are sayin' to themselves, redaction, privilege, and obstruction of justice don't fail me now!