Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Six Million Dollar Deal...Stonewalling John Doyle



Update: At bottom of post

Bill Tieleman has the story. Here's his lede:

An application by BC Auditor-General John Doyle to obtain government documents requested to complete his inquiry into $6 million legal indemnity granted to ex-government aides Dave Basi and Bob Virk has been put off to September 10 in BC Supreme Court...

In the (so far at least) complete absence of any proMedia reporting on this matter I've left a question at Mr. T's  place asking if any reason (excuse?) was provided for the delay.

On the bright side, I guess, this just may bring the 'big reveal'  even closer to May 2013...

Update: Here is Mr. Tieleman's response on the question of 'why' (the further delay)....

The "amicus curiae" or friend of the court - Michael Frey - has asked for more time to review the application. 

Frey is in court for "unrepresented interests" and opposed John van Dongen's intervener status application.d

The delay received the consent of all parties, as I understand it.


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Don F. said...

Remember the commercial where the guy says " okay, I'd like to sell it the thing i just bought" that is exactly how this all sounds!