Tuesday, June 05, 2012

What Sooey Says About The (Not) Economy


It starts like this:
"I don’t follow political punditry much anymore so I don’t know if we’re still debating whether Thomas Mulcair should be expelled from Canada for suggesting we have Dutch Disease but let me know when the debate starts as to whether true blue (red, orange and green) Canadians should storm Parliament Hill and throw out the current government for being a Dutch Disease spreading cabal of cheating lying thieving McCarthyite operatives of the almost entirely foreign-funded oil industry.
I’d like to participate in that debate..."

And, from there, it just gets better. I particularly like this part:
"...(H)ere’s the thing, if you can make $20/hour serving coffee at Tim Horton’s in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, well, fair enough – you’re living in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada.  But if everybody losing his/her job here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, heads west to Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, to do migrant work, either we’re not going to be able to afford Tim Horton’s coffee or we’re going to have to make, oh, say, $15/hour (I’m not a real economist like Stephen Harper, so I’ll leave it up to him and his BFF, Jason Kenney, to figure out what the going rate for Canadian migrant workers should be). And since we from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada will have learned an economic lesson when we took a shitkicking trying to sell our houses before moving to Fort Mc, we’ll just put ourselves up in Tent City, Alberta, Canada (don’t worry, it won’t be on that death highway, it’ll be in the mall parking lot) and wait for the inevitable bust after the boom, thanks, Premier Redford..."

Read all of what Sooey says about this, here.


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