Saturday, June 23, 2012

Is The Birdman Joking?


From Jonathan Fowlie in the VSun yesterday:

Finance Minister Kevin Falcon has sent an extraordinary warning to members of his own government, telling them not to make flashy spending announcements with-out first having their budgets fully approved.

In an April letter obtained by The Vancouver Sun, Falcon told all his cabinet colleagues they must submit press releases and other announcement details to him or his deputy minister before a capital project can be made public.

"There was a bit of drifting off message," Falcon said in an interview Thursday, explaining the need for his warning...

Alrighty then.

After all, they wouldn't want any of the lackeys to go off message and step on The Snook's shameless faux socialist self-promotional tour.


But, never mind all that.

Because the following is the really egregious part, especially if you actually care about more than the shillophants and media wurlitzers (i.e. if you are not a PR flunky and/or a PABsterbot):

..."It was important for me to make sure that all ministers, every member of cabinet, understands that there is to be no dollar announcements before Treasury Board approval of business cases with respect to capital projects." Falcon (wrote in his letter to ministers)...

Laughably bad grammar aside, why is this really, really abominable, even if you are somehow able to grin and bear most of the other awful edicts of the Campbell/Clark/Falcon/Kinsella/Brown/McLean/Accenture government through gritted teeth?


Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't two fine non-elected folks, one of whom was then in what is now Mr. Falcon's own Finance Ministry, do their very best to make damned sure that the 'capital project' that was the Six Million Dollar RailGate Bribe....errrr....'Deal' never went anywhere near either Treasury Board and/or Cabinet?

I mean, heckfire, they even trotted out The Dean to explain that one to we, the peons, who paid for it.

Off 'message', indeed.



Can these people even look at themselves, for real, sans stage-make-up and PR brain-putty, in the mirror anymore?



lenin's ghost said...

Ross, never ask these creeps if they care......they don't care about anything but their bank accounts. That is why they start cannibalizing each other when they ship starts to sink.....poopheads!!!

RossK said...


Some of them, perhaps.


I'm not so sure for a whole, wide swath of them. I've met some of these fine folks and I have come to the conclusion that more than a few of them actually think that the fattening of their own bank accounts is proof positive that what they are doing is good for everyone.