Tuesday, June 12, 2012

But Our (Not) Premier Hates Socialism, Doesn't She?


From the Canadian Press (unbylined by the local Ceeb, sorry):

...NDP social development critic Carole James said (Premier Christy) Clark's changes (to welfare) will help people, but she maintained that Clark is reinstating some benefits the Liberals dropped when first elected in 2001.
Clark increased the disabled exemption to $800 a month from $500 a month and reinstated the earnings exemption for welfare recipients, who are now entitled to earn $200 extra a month without penalty.
That leaves Saskatchewan now as the only province in Canada that does not include some form of earnings exemption for people on welfare.
James said Clark's move on the earnings exemption front is a "plus."
"It connects people to the workplace," she said. "We, certainly, in the Opposition have been calling for it for years."

Of course, if you're gonna lard on the socialism for the cameras with one hand, you've gotta make sure you use the other hand to pick the pocket of the poor at the same time:

....James said she was disappointed the government didn't introduce a widespread poverty reduction strategy and was highly critical of Clark's plan to extend to five weeks from three weeks the work-search period for a potential welfare recipient.
James said people are usually financially desperate when they arrive at the welfare office, and to be told to look for a job for five weeks first doesn't make sense...

Our Ms. Clark....

Never met a half-measure she didn't love.

As long as at gets her a photo-op, of course.



double nickel said...

The war on the poor continues.

paul said...

Good editorial at the Michener Award-winning Times Colonist http://www.timescolonist.com/opinion/Welfare+changes+still+fall+short/6774592/story.html

Beijing York said...

All I know about Christy Clark, I learned from you, Ross. But today I actually heard her on CBC's "The Current". She truly is a piece of work.

She wants to rename the party because her party is more than just Liberals - her party represents all those in BC who embrace free enterprise. She must have referred to "free enterprise" at least 5 times.

She acknowledged that there's not much for BC in the Northern Gateway project, a lot less jobs than what was anticipated, BUT her government cannot pull out of a project without going through the assessment process. Rejecting it out of hand, according to CC, is akin to telling foreign investors that BC is closed for business. This after she even detailed the dangers of oil spills (land and water) versus natural gas spills.

RossK said...


Kind of like one of those sitting down wars at the moment, however.


Thanks Paul--

Is it like the Stanley Cup...Do they bring it around to each of the winners for a day of fun and frolic?

(the Michener Award, I mean)



That's Ms. Clark in a nutshell.

After to listening to that you might be wondering if, perhaps, expediency is her middle name.


kootcoot said...

I too heard the Clueless Flirty One who isn't really my premier on the CBC. It was unfortunate that she was interviewed by someone who seemed to barely know where BeeCee was, much less what happens here.

But talk about the ability to project a sense of vacuousness - in that Christy excells. I was totally convinced when she stated authoritatively that Thomas Mulcair and the NDP were just.....wrong! Since she has such an evident stockpile of expertise (from her accidental tourism of various educational institutions, I presume) I can only accept her assertions as fact....right?

I can only assume that the Current will have the loathsome Richy Rich Coleman on any day to "clarify" whatever in the hell Christy was talking about.

Anonymous said...

While these people have to look for work for five weeks, before getting their Social Assistance. They become far behind in their rent. Their utilities are shut off, and they shop at the struggling food banks, to feed their children, from the empty shelves. This is exactly what happens to Christy's family's first.

These people, can't even afford to pay for a move, to take a job in another location. They can't even afford bus fare to go shopping for groceries.

Never have I seen a government so out of touch, for the way it really is for these people. For the way it is for seniors.

How can the Campbell/Christy BC Liberals, be so stupid? Those people, certainly can't pay $16.00 for a glass of orange juice. A BC Minister wastes over $6,000 per year on her fine dining lunches, and now has added fine wines too. That's far more than a low income family has to spend in a year for groceries, for an entire family.

The BC Liberals expense accounts, are as outrageous as Harper's.