Tuesday, June 19, 2012

But How Will Pay For Everything Without The HST?! (v.3,492-94)


The latest three examples of BC Liberal Boondoggles goin' down....

#3,292....The Liquor Distribution Branch Privatization That Will Cost Us Millions....Bob Mackin keeps on working to untangle the threads on Mr. Chambers golden parachute:

Ten days before he announced his resignation, British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch general manager Jay Chambers told employees in a memo that he would guide them through the coming months of uncertainty while private companies jockey to take over the taxpayer-owned company's warehousing and distribution...(you can read the entire memo, here)...

#3,293...The executives at Community Living BC, whose performance bonuses were cancelled after Lindsay Kines and the rest of the Michener Award winners at the V-TC exposed the true nature of their collective 'performance' for all to see, are getting their gravy after all....So, who has the story? Why Mr. Kines, of course:

Senior executives at Community Living B.C. are getting pay raises to make up for a government decision last year to eliminate their performance bonuses, the Times Colonist has learned.

Social Development Minister Stephanie Cadieux confirmed Monday that the money senior managers previously earned as bonuses is simply being rolled into their base pay.... (Bonus feature: Michael Smyth actually called this one, on the side, months ago)...

#3,294...Norman Farrell does a little public document analysis to demonstrate that another bunch of BC Liberal Party appointees are sluicing millions from the public trough for no apparent reason at all, especially when their job descriptions and responsibilities are compared to folks doing a very similar job in the State of Washington:

...(T)he British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (bcIMC), (is) headed by Doug Pearce, the highest paid civil servant in BC with 2011 earnings of $1.063 million...

{snippety doo-dah}

In other words, the bcIMC manages funds worth 40% more than WSIB but incurs administrative costs 345% higher than the American agency. Much of that difference is caused by vastly different executive remuneration (Norm has a handy-dandy comparison chart,



Norm Farrell said...

It gets worse. According to the most recent annual reports the Washington State group earned more than double the returns of the high priced folks in BC

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Thanks Norm.