Sunday, April 06, 2014

Another Elections Canada Advisory Board Member Speaks Out...Will He Too Be Smeared?


Of course not.

Joan Bryden of the CP has the story. Here's her lede:

OTTAWA - Sheila Fraser's damning assessment of the Harper government's proposed overhaul of election rules is not shared by all members of the Elections Canada advisory board she co-chairs.

Conservative Sen. Hugh Segal, one of 13 members of the board, said Friday that the highly respected former auditor general was not speaking for him when she called the sweeping reforms an attack on democracy.

"She's entitled to her views and I have a high regard for her and I'm sure her concern is both sincere and awash in integrity, as is always the case," Segal told The Canadian Press.

"But I did not agree with her and she was not certainly speaking for me or, to the best of my knowledge, for anybody else who is on that advisory committee. We all have our own views."

But while Segal respectfully begged to differ, other Conservatives directly questioned Fraser's integrity. Party supporters on Twitter suggested she's nothing but a paid shill for Elections Canada, which pays her a per diem of $1,750, up to a maximum of $65,000 over three years, for co-chairing the advisory board...


While the flying surrender monkeys continue to fling their rancid poop into every spinning wurlitzer they can find, perhaps now is the time when we should ask ourselves why anybody should give a rat's patootie about anything the good Mr. Segal has to say on this matter:

Segal believes the criticism has been over the top.

"No bill is perfect. But I think the opposition to the bill is far more intense than the content of the bill justifies," he said.

"I don't think it's a bad bill. Quite the contrary."..

Quite the contrary, indeed.


Sooey has more...And, in the end, her conclusion matches as our sub-header.



cfvua said...

Probably not a bad bill if you were a con with your tail potentially in the wringer for deeds committed last election. Deeds that will be erased by passage of this not bad bill. Vested interests speaking there where of course Sheila Fraser has none. The fact she is being paid is irrelevant as Segal et al are paid in different ways. Much more handsomely. I would trust Ms. Fraser who was removed from her position almost like John Doyle in BC for doing the job properly rather than anyone from con ranks.

kootcoot said...

I'm very surprised at this kind of reaction from Segal. Wasn't he appointed to the Senate by a Liberal PM, even though he was a conservative, more along the PC line that Petey MacKay drowned in the bath?

It is difficult to even imagine Harper making a non-partisan appointment to the Upper Chamber.