Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How Do You Stop The Snooklandians?...Stand Up To Them.


Remember when the Snooklandians told us last Monday that they were going to let the worst of the land-rapers do whatever they wanted, without environmental review, based on a pile of jibber-jabber about forest ministry frameworks that made no sense at all?

And remember how they, the Snooklandians I mean, rescinded that order* less than a day later?


What caused the rapid climb down?

Well, in large part it was due to the swift and unequivocal actions of a young woman named Sharleen Gale.

Mark Hume told Ms. Gale's story in yesterday's Globe. Here is his lede:

Sharleen Gale, the young Fort Nelson chief who shook the government last week when she kicked its officials out of an energy conference, knew a showdown was coming and she’d have to be strong.

That’s why she held the sacred eagle feather in her hands when she took the podium at the BC First Nations LNG Summit and – with representatives from about 60 bands and major industry players looking on – told government delegates to get out.

“I respectfully ask government to please remove yourself from the room. I’m going to ask industry to stay,” said Chief Gale, whose stern face only partly hid her anger...

Amazing what a little truth speaking to the stupid can do, eh?

*Of course, the reversal is very likely only meant to be temporary.
It really is worth reading Mr. Hume's entire piece...Ms. Gale is not against gas extraction per se...She is, however, incensed at the wanton ways of the Snooklandians...Wonder how long it will take for some Astroturf group to start floating deflector-spin codswallop to the contrary?



Anonymous said...


Add this to the list of Stupid Liberal Tricks:

BC Liberal Caucus ‏@BCLiberalCaucus · 1m
$96,000 for dental programs for low-income children and adults: http://ow.ly/w2Umd #bcpoli @DonMcRaeMLA

Chicken feed. It cost my neighbor $2000 to replace ONE crown.

They need to think much bigger than say, even Bollywood Bucks, to provide adequate care for those in need.

$96,000??? why that hardly makes a dent in the Air Christy budget.

scotty on denman said...

While I'm impressed with Chief Sharleen Gale's resolve and composure, what happened in Ft Nelson is only too typical of official government attitudes toward First Nations which plainly remain infected by notions that should have been put in remission by SCoC decisions like Delgamuukw; instead both levels of current government still delude themselves that they can game First Nations, circumvent the Constitution and sidestep the courts, and do it so blatantly they needn't bother stifling smirks---which is what makes Chief Gale's justified indignation so admirable in its cool composure.

I take greater satisfaction in the immediacy and urgency of the BC Liberals' grovelling apology to the Fort Nelson Band---too maudlin by half, taken by itself; but that's just it: it was ostensibly addressed to the Fort Nelson FN, probably hoping the issue could be kept quietly local but instead amplifying its virality with overdone, abject squirming (I admit to a touch of Schadenfreude at their discomfiture); what the BC Liberals have succeeded in doing, unintentionally, no doubt, is pan back to include, emphasize and verify the depth, integrity and sophistication of FN interest and influence in resource development, all in comprehensive perspective. From here can be seen not just the Ft Nelson FN, a treaty nation, unlike most BC FNs west of the Rockies, but all FNs together, whose territories, with or as-yet without treaties, are subject of Christy's head-off LNG drive, the size and unanimity of their joint commitment to controlling resource development; thence to the looming Constitutional donnybrook over Northern Gateway; from there to ocean tankers and on to potent environmental issues which include---and recruit---us all.

How stupid can you get? BC Liberals took what could have been a good-news story for them, with invaluable propaganda potential, a small FN in remote Northeastern BC, not necessarily representing, and only peripherally related to one of the biggest issues of our time---and blowing it up to highly visible, neatly comprehensible proportions highlighting the weakness of their resource policies; I think it's a pretty good illustration of being foist upon one's petard.

Also shows how prejudices like those at the root of BC Liberals' misguided presumptuousness, are bad for everyone, a dog that even bites its own master.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

There is a school of thought that believes that Authourity, in this case government, can do anything. Make me heave they do. Democracy became popular due to the undue influence of such rot. Be something if more of us followed the example being set for us in the North East (of all places).

Hugh said...

LNG will cure acne and bad breath. I use it in spaghetti sauce. Life is better with LNG.

Dana said...

Hugh, you're saying LNG is as unique as Dr. Duck's Super Secret All-Purpose Sauce aren't you?


Which is just one of the bits in Elephant Parts.

This is the provenance of music videos.


RossK said...

'Provenance', indeed!


cfvua said...

The liberals in all their wisdom, can't help shooting themselves in the foot. By listening to their funders from CAPP and attempting to eliminate environmental assessments for sweet gas plants( does anybody drill for sour gas anymore) they have alienated a group that they need the most. With the leadership shown by Chief Gale and others like Liz Logan who understand the industry and would otherwise be willing to work with government, this is an illustration of how inept the liberals are at managing the province's affairs. Industry runs with almost a free rein as it is so what is the panic to eliminate any environmental overview? And we subsidize them very generously without any commitment to hiring residents. One would think that industry would be a bit less pushy in light of what they
already have in hand.

kootcoot said...

For a more modern day disgraceful treatment of indigenous people, check out what the UK and US did to the people of the Chagos Islands so the US military could have a platform to run a large part of Asia from and just as an added bonus, enjoy the beaches and boating.

"The ethnic cleansing by the British of an entire small population and culture - the Chagos Islanders - is probably the most despicable act by Britain of my lifetime."

The US is of course as guilty in this crime against humanity. A film less than one hour in length narrated by John Pilger can be found at:


I realize it is an UGLY link, but it works if you paste it into your browser's address bar.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...what's the big secret?

James KellerVerified account

All planning docs related to Premier Christy Clark's cancelled Christmastime trip to Kenya withheld under various FOI exemptions #bcpoli

Anonymous said...

SH... Keller retreated by Merv Adey

Lew said...

When Christy heard Obama was going to his birthplace for the Christmas holidays, she booked her holiday there as well, hoping to run into him. Unfortunately she booked his Fox News birthplace rather than his actual, and had to switch at the last minute.


Anonymous said...

SH @Lew Verrrry funny!

So, now we have Premier Groupie...