Saturday, April 05, 2014

This Day In Snookland...In Which Mr. Mason Goes Full-Court Blogger.


From Mr. Mason's latest column in The Globe (AndNoLongerEmpire) Mail:

A growing political scandal in Ontario has now breached the Rockies and become a problem for Premier Christy Clark.

Both the Ontario Provincial Police and a committee of the Ontario legislature want to talk to the executive director of the B.C. Liberal Party, Laura Miller, in connection with a billion-dollar gas-plant scandal that has ensnared the Ontario government. Major allegations have been levelled at two men with whom Ms. Miller has enjoyed exceptionally close relationships: her boyfriend, Peter Faist, and her former boss, David Livingston...

{snippety doodle dandy}...

Ms. Miller hired a lawyer who has advised her against talking to police unless investigators guarantee her that nothing she says will be used against her in a court of law. Police have refused to make this deal. She has the right to remain silent and the legal advice she was given is not uncommon. That said, it looks terrible...

{snippety doodle dandiest}

...For her part, (B.C. Premier Christy) Clark has offered Ms. Miller her full support, saying it’s up to her executive director if she wants to talk to police or not. The Premier added that Ms. Miller is an upstanding citizen who has done outstanding work on behalf of the Liberal Party of B.C. All of which is fine and likely true – but also completely immaterial...


We're so glad that Mr. Mason is finally catching up.

And as we, thanks in part to wee bit of prodding from Paul Willcocks, have said once before already (almost a week ago), the real issue here is not Ms. Miller's integrity but rather Ms. Clark's.


Of course, this is not the first time Mr. Mason has relevantized himself by briefly splitting off from the Lotuslandian proMedia herd...Here is  a particularly memorable example from days gone by when he briefly threw in his lot with all the 'cultists'...
And finally....I still find it most interesting that the local herd is not talking about the particular 'guy' (who is but one member of a particular flack-hackery triumverate that played both sides against middle in the last provincial election) who gave the nod that got the Snooklandians to bring the good Ms. Millar out west in the first place...Then again, it would appear that writing about the string-pullers who are most likely to feed them their next story is not something said herd members are particularly fond of doing...


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