Monday, April 14, 2014

What's The Buzz?.... Tell Me What's A Happenin'.


From Jann ('You Move Like A Cat Marty') Wenner's cash cow:

Rock opera and musical theater staple Jesus Christ Superstar will see its Second Coming this summer, as Johnny 'Rotten' Lydon, Incubus' Brandon Boyd, *NSYNC’s JC Chasez and former Destiny’s Child’s singer Michelle Williams have all signed on for a 51-city arena tour launching June 9th in New Orleans...

{snippety doodle-dandy}

...Rotten/Lydon seemed intent to begin the theatrics several months ahead of schedule. After introducing himself by throwing two bananas at members of the press, the former Sex Pistol attempted to prematurely start a Q+A during the cast introductions. He was subsequently rebuked by one of the show’s producers. Later in the press conference, Lydon demanded a microphone to begin the Q+A again, but was played off the stage.

When producer Michael Cohl was asked if casting Lydon was a "bold move," the producer replied, "I think based on today's press conference, yes would be the answer. But he is a proven performer of decades of success and people love him, so it's different. But I think he was just filling another slot. If you look at pop culture singers, we've got four or five different slots and he fit well."...

And which character will Mr. Lydon/Rotten play?

Why, King Herod, of course.

Somebody really should make Malcom McLaren's ghost pay.

And just in case you want to get in on the Great Rock Opera Swindle...It will be in town on July 12th...


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