Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Covering Mr. Fraser's Conflict Of Interest Ruling...The Stenography Continues.


This fine example is from the even finer Sean Leslie of CKNW:

BC’s Conflict of Interest Commissioner says he will not investigate Premier Christy Clark’s involvement with a company called RCI Pacific Gateway Education back in 2007.

Paul Fraser says his jurisdiction only applies to sitting MLA’s, and Clark’s involvement with the company ended long before she became an MLA in 2011....


As we pointed out earlier, the issue here is where the good Mr. Fraser's jurisdiction begin and ends. 


We thought we would have a look at the actual Conflict of Interest Act of British Columbia to find out the definition of a 'member' of the legislature who is subject to the rulings of the Conflict Commissioner.

Here is how such a 'member' is defined:

"member" means a member of the Legislative Assembly or of the Executive Council, or both.

Why does this matter?

Well, because Ms. Christy Clark was sworn in as Premier in March 2011 she became a member of the Executive Council two months BEFORE she became an MLA in May of 2011.

And, as Bob Mackin has previously pointed out.....

...(Ms.) Clark's name remained on RCI PGEI's corporate registration through its delisting in May 2011, two months into her premiership...

You see the problem with the stenography (and the greater proMedia silence) here now?

You will also note that Mr. Leslie framed the time in question as 'back in 2007' despite the ample documentary evidence to the contrary...
Again, the digging on this one (which was NOT hard work) began because of a tweet from the VObserver's Matt Millar...



North Van's Grumps said...

Look on the brighter side RossK, if Christy Clark was not a Member, then she's NOT entitled to be paid as an MLA. If paid, then how is a person who is NOT elected collected a remuneration for two months. Is it going to be one of those situations of OOPS, I made a mistake, and I'll return the funds, with interest?

And who was the signatory to the payment of the monies, while NOT as an MLA?

Unknown said...

Sean Leslie is hardly an unbiased reporter as his wife purportedly receives a paycheque from the BC Liberals. What is lost here is that Christy stresses she was never paid by RCI, yet RCI was included twice on Asian trade junkets. I'd be suing RCI if I made them money and was not compensated for doing so.