Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Breaking.....Farnworth Out...



That's right.

The buzz is that Farnworth has stepped down and that Horgan will be acclaimed.

The CBC's Lisa Cordasco has the (very short) story so far:

MLA John Horgan is set to become the next leader of the B.C. NDP opposition, after the only other candidate in the race, MLA Mike Farnworth confirmed rumours he was bowing out, on Tuesday afternoon in Victoria...

More later.



Ray Blessin said...

Too bad for the "Liberals" -- They were pulling for Farnworth.

e.a.f. said...

Can the province last until 2017. will there be anything left.

motorcycleguy said...

I share e.a.f.'s concern

RossK said...


Pretty sure the life partner of one of the chief Snooklandian wizards sure was.

(at least before that Harcourt bombshell last week)

e.a.f. and mcg--

I hear you.


I'm pretty sure Horgan will make sure everyone who will listen will know what is going down.