Thursday, April 03, 2014

Robo-Con Calls....The Circle Widens.


Former Conservative Party of Canada campaign worker Mr. Andrew Prescott has, apparently, started to sing like a bird after having been granted limited immunity.

And his statements have widened the Pierre Poutine circle surrounding Pierre Poutine.


PostMedia's McMaher duo has the story. Here's a wee bit of their stuff on the widening:

Former Guelph Conservative campaign worker Andrew Prescott has given evidence related to the alleged involvement of two other campaign staff in the “Pierre Poutine” robocalls case, sources say.

With an immunity agreement in place, Prescott gave evidence to prosecutors regarding the only person accused in the case, Michael Sona, as expected, but also provided information about Ken Morgan, who was the manager of the Guelph Conservative campaign...

{snippety doo-dah}

...Sources say Prescott gave evidence that Morgan, the campaign manager, asked him to log into a robocall account on his computer. Prescott also told investigators he later destroyed that computer.

Prescott also told them that after the call went out to opposition supporters, Sona ran into the campaign office, laughing, and shouted, “It’s working, it’s working!”


Here at the Pacific Gazette we first got to know Mr. Sona, who is disputing Mr. Prescott's apparent allegations, for something completely different that, in our opinion at least, owed more to the legacy of Donnie Segretti than Pierre Poutine.

As for the good Mr. Morgan...

Where is he now?

Why, hanging tough in a truer than true bastion of democracy.

Also allegedly:

...Morgan moved to Kuwait in 2012 and is still believed to be living there. To date, he has never spoken to Elections Canada investigators about his role in the campaign at the centre of the robocalls scandal...


If it really is still going on, one can only wonder who's writing the cheques on that longterm excursion?

And never forget that misdirecting RoboCalls did not begin in 2011 or in Ontario...
And don't forget what Sooey says....Which is that the real reason for the unfair election act is our collective punishment for Mr. Prescott's immunity.


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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I don't think the truth about the Robocalls will ever see the light of day - it's Railgate all over again.