Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Calgary Herald: Dewey Wins!





No word, yet, whether or not the CHerald has since named Mr. Anders the new coach of the Calgary Flames.

Meanwhile....The result in Kitimat was never in question...And the turnout looks pretty good to...3071 out of approximately 4200 voters = ~73%...Next big thing...Will Enbridge tell us how much they spent, as promised (No side says they spent less than $15K).



Grant G said...

Like Enbridge`s northern gateway pipeline...

Stephen Harper`s long time buddy Mr.Anders went down in flames too..

Good Day.....


North Van's Grumps said...

Perhaps it was the hardline Conservative robocalls from Pierre Poutine's office that sent voters against Anders, AND so too for Kitimat's rejection of Enbridge.

In the BC May 2013 election, I know of two people, undecided, who got so pissed off with phone calls from the two major parties: YOU HAVEN'T VOTED, MAY WE BE OF ASSISTANCE WITH TRANSPORTATION forced them to reject all of the above, they decide NOT TO VOTE.

Robocalls may have been a weapon best served cold before, but now, like any other telemarketing scheme all bets are off. CLICK

ron wilton said...

Enbridge is obviously being loose with the truth on their ad expense.

Kinda confirms one's suspicions about the veracity of their other claims.

If you trust the harpercons to do the right thing now, don't hold your breath.